From Crazy To Calm

sacasLast week I was talking to my sister about how terrifying supermarkets in London were becoming. They were packed. A huge amount of people wandering around, most pushing a shopping trolley/cart stacked with food. I could see how dangerous they were becoming. I changed the times I shopped. I started to nip into the supermarket after work to pick up a few items. By the time I was there (around 7:30pm) it seemed that most of the shelves were empty. But it felt like a safer time to go.

This week, everything has changed. I had to go shopping for my landlords today. They are self-isolating for fourteen days after one of the family started coughing and feeling achy.

When I arrived at the supermarket, I was frankly amazed. There was a queue of shoppers stretched out from the front doors all the way to the other end of the car park, all of them maintaining 2 or 3 metres from each other. Nobody was there to direct them. People just knew to do that. Everyone waited patiently and peacefully until it was there turn to be allowed in to shop.

grasesaFinally! It seems that the message is sinking in! People are observing the social distancing principles that have been asked of them. I was really impressed. Even inside the supermarket, shoppers kept a distance and waited patiently for other shoppers to move along. No pushing or rushing. Calm has descended – phew!

When I was leaving a member of staff recognised me and told me that there is a special arrangement for NHS staff. Apparently, I should have gone “round the back” (I don’t know where they meant, but next time I might have a wander round). She told me they are setting aside some essential items like toilet paper for NHS staff. My face lit up!

Now I know…there is light at the end of the tunnel. It looks as if there is hope I will get toilet paper after all! I still have some left from what Jack brought back last weekend. But it feels good to know there is a way I can obtain some when needed.

Helpless To The Bass And The Fading Light

They suddenly seem like a very distant memory at the moment, but at the start of this year I went to two parties with Jack. I was worried before I went to them, but they turned out to be a success. For the moment, that worry of what people think of Jack and I being together has been lifted.

boogI have always loved a good party. I don’t have to be asked to jump up on the dance floor. I love a good beat…I love big bold bass. But Jack love partie even more than I do! Which is awesome!

I think we are the same. Neither of us are particularly good dancers, but we don’t half enter into the spirit of things. At both of the parties we have been to we ended up attracting quite a crowd of interesting people, who were at that party, and decided to join Jack and I with our partying.

j and me.pngI swung round and found a popular actress opposite me. She then grabbed my hands and swung me round and round. It was a tiny bit surreal because I have never met her before. But she knows Jack. I was laughing with him about it on the way home. I think…I am being accepted as his girlfriend. That’s a good thing I think. I know that some of the people at these parties are virtual strangers. They are usually there only because they are involved in a project or charity that Jack is. But in some ways, I feel as if they are giving me some support…well, at least encouragement. Does that make sense?

And I think…he and I make a pretty good couple. Although I might be biased saying that!