Well I Thought So Anyway

The highlight of today was without doubt the rendition I performed of “The Sound Of Music” for my manager to enjoy…well I thought so anyway! I even twirled around with my arms outstretched to explain how the opening scene of the best movie of all time begins.

I went on to serenade her with “My Favourite Things”, before we had to get back to work. If she had encouraged me I could have continued with the entire score from the musical quite happily.

Today was one of the most intense days yet in some ways. It’s hard to explain how much our workload has multiplied beyond our capability. But we keep going! Except that I am strangely not feeling stress at work any more. I just keep going as fast as I can, and then I come home and switch off to work completely. I relax with a meal, a shower and then bed!

caoiongI am so glad I have my fifteen minute walk to work in the sunshine. I can sing to myself to fortify my heart before the craziness of work begins. I am singing as often as can be. I sing in the shower, on the way to work and now I am even singing at work. Perhaps it’s my way of making sure the stress does not creep up into my heart.

3 thoughts on “Well I Thought So Anyway”

  1. The last time I sung in public was wheeling down a ramp with arms wide singing “let it go” after the girls in the family including me went to a stage production of Frozen in Denver.  It was spectacular. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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