waosWow! What a day!!! What a day!!!

But I am on fire! I am telling you, this girl is on fire! What a crazy crazy day. The queues do not ever stop. More patients than I have ever seen with the craziest questions.

  • what if this?
  • what if that?
  • what if the whole of London goes on lockdown?
  • what if I can’t get my scalp lotion?
  • what if the country runs out of paracetamol?

Two of our team are going to be absent for two weeks in connection with …you know what… so that means already we are all two down with a crazy workload! But we are going to be alright. Until we all catch it and then the entire practice has to close! That is the one thing I can not say to any of our patients because they might take me literally and be more anxious.

In the meantime…before I collapse from exhaustion…this girl is on fire!!!

Keeping Calm And Carrying On

Your strength will be in keeping calm and showing trust. – Isaiah 30:15

asamI found I had a nervous knot in my tummy last night. After dropping me off home, Jack said goodbye and went back to his place. I felt very alone. I have been in touch with family and friends all weekend. But nonetheless, as soon as I was alone, anxiety started to creep up into me.

I think part of that was the thought of another week of work. I am not frightened for myself. But there is a lot of anxiety all around me from our patients.

Family, Grandfathers, GrandparentsI do worry about the wonderful older members of our family. They are so very precious.

There is a part of me that is worried because everytime I go to the supermarket there are no toilet rolls, but I do have washlets now. Washlets are probably better than toilet paper.

It is important to be calm. Certain measures based not on panic, but on facts have been asked of us. Hand washing and self-isolating should not be a trauma.

flasI have changed some of my other habits. I have stopped using public transport for the moment. I am walking everywhere (except I was in Jack’s car this weekend, but Jack and me hardly isolated ourselves from each other!). Also I have started to take a flask of tea or coffee to work with me as well as my water bottle. I don’t want to use the kettle and cutlery at work. I am also making my own lunch everyday to avoid cafes and the like.

I am mixing with a lot of people at work of course. At the moment I cannot avoid that. I clean the work surfaces, phones, keyboards etc regularly.

I needed sleep to switch off my worries. Monday will be my longest day at work this week. I am looking forward to it being out of the way.

Anyway…there is a lot of advice and there are a lot of opinions floating around. But have your read the advice for all of us from the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION?


Spot The Difference

So Jack has come back to England wondering what on earth is going on. He can’t find toilet rolls or eggs. I didn’t know there was a rush on eggs, but apparently there were no eggs at all when he went to Tesco. Well, as it happened, I did not have any eggs. I don’t often eat them. But I had managed to find some toilet rolls at last and I had made the mistake of putting them on display in my bathroom.

He raided my stash! Not to mention, he left the toilet seat up (but that is another subject entirely!) So…Jack reckons he now has plenty of toilet rolls to cover him for the next week or so before he goes abroad again.

There I was feeling glad I had managed to stock up and Jack has sent me back to feeling anxious incase I run out completely!!! I did buy a packet of baby wipes the other day just in case this toilet paper crises continues for much longer.

I must love Jack to let him leave my flat with most of my toilet rolls! The cheeky monkey!!!