They Are Immensely Precious To Us

Virus, Viruses, CoronavirusAt times like this (you know the C-word is on everyone’s mind), I believe it is important for people to listen to the advice from authorities and be obedient to advice and instructions.

In different lands, different advice and instructions are being issued. But wherever we live, we ought to cooperate with what authorities ask of us.

It may well be inconvenient. It may feel Draconian. However, there is an important reason behind the advice being issued: LIFE IS INCREDIBLY PRECIOUS.

I work with charities that regularly schedule projects and events which involve a lot of people of different ages. We have been told that all large projects and events are to be postponed. Why? Because the lives of our volunteers and those that benefit from our work are priceless.

Notebook, Mac, Imac, Macbook, DeskOver the past few years, we have made a number of changes that now seem very fortuitous. That means that we can continue with all of our training programmes. But now volunteers will not gather in an arena, they will watch the program either live or when it is convenient to them from the comfort of their homes as the training is broadcast to them. In addition to the training, there will be some very encouraging reports and a little entertainment included in the programmes to keep the spirits of our volunteers up while they are unable to work together face to face.

All of our older volunteers are very dear to us. But we will be making sure that they are not exposed to any risks. If any need support over the coming weeks or months, younger volunteers are to prioritise on caring for their needs – whether that be shopping or encouragement via a telephone call or online chat. We don’t want anyone to suffer due to loneliness or to feel forgotten.

Woman, Old, Senior, Female, ElderlyBut we will make sure that we do everything we can to care for those who have given of themselves, their time and resources for years, even decades. They have shown enormous love to us, and we are going to make sure we show them how we feel about them. We don’t want to lose a single soul.

Our charities are going to carry on as best they can, but they are going to follow the advice and authorities in every land they operate. They are going to operate within the same principles that govern everything we do – love. We love people. We are going to protect all those precious ones who are most at risk during this time.

3 thoughts on “They Are Immensely Precious To Us”

    1. It is so important – I hope most people are taking it seriously.
      I am pleased to see that our volunteers have been obedient to what has been asked of them. Within the small teams they have been assigned to they are looking after each other. So far we are receiving very positive feedback that younger volunteers are doing shopping, picking up prescriptions and encouraging older ones in any way they can. Our older ones understand we want them to stay isolated. We don’t want to lose any of them.
      Some of our younger ones are worried about job losses etc. But the sharing will be mutual. Some of our older ones have volunteered to help younger volunteers financially.
      Everyone is looking after each other. It is still very early days, but it is wonderful to see the love and care and determination to help each other in any way. My heart is lifted by that.

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      1. Good to hear. Some of my friends were skeptical a few weeks ago, but everyone is serious now. I think the fact that all our politicians and media are promoting a unified message has done the trick. Stay safe!


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