I’m Going To Be…

Woman, Girl, Blonde Hair, Blonde WomanI’m going to be…

Your bright spark

Your’s Noah’s ark

Your shot in the dark

Your walk in the park


Blur, Design, Fashion, Female, GownI’m going to be…

Your last mile

Your brightest smile

Your defining style

Your every worthwhile


Woman, Blonde, Beautiful, Girl, OutdoorsI’m going to be…

Your fresh start

Your winning dart

Your off the chart

Your from the heart


Guitar, Beautiful, Music, InstrumentI’m going to be…

Your best show

Your warmest glow

Your get up and go

Your only I know


Beautiful, Blowing, Blur, BrunetteI’m going to be…

Your big try

Your reason why

Your do or die

Your flying high


Bride, Couple, Dark, Groom, ManI’m going to be…

Everything you want me to be

Everything you could ask of me

Everything you want in a she

Everything you need to be free



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