Lighter And Brighter

londsprIt’s getting lighter each day. Despite the grey rainy days, I have noticed the days are getting longer. Today is looking delightful, and I suspect I know the reason why.

On this glorious day of Jack’s return, I am trying to make the time go faster by doing finding little tasks around my flat and adding to some of the unfinished posts in my drafts folder, There are a couple of award posts taking me ages to complete. But they will be finished eventually – little by little.

But my SHARE-YOUR-WORLD post for this week has been much quicker to finish. Melanie, the creator of sparksfromacombustiblemind, has given us some light bright lovely questions this week, as you can see from her original SHARE-YOUR-WORLD post below:


Can you bake a cake?

If I have a recipe in front of me, then yes, absolutely – I CAN BAKE! Without a recipe, I would not know where to begin. My brain does not retain baking instructions. I just read and obey baking recipes and it almost always works out a treat!

Here were the cakes I made last year for THE 2019 GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF!!!

What’s one thing that can instantly make your day better?

My sister Milly calling me. Any of my family calling me really. But I am especially close to Milly.

There are lots of things that can make the day better – from blue skies, to people’s smiles, flowers in bloom, the smell of the local artisan bakeries. There are so many little lovely nuggets of delight everywhere I go.

When you were a kid, did you eat the crusts on your sandwich or not?

saI think I did actually. I also remember going off white bread at a very early age and preferring wholemeal. My parents told us to eat up every crumb.

We were very active children. Most children are active I suppose, but I think we were especially active. Three times a week we would go straight from school to the local swimming baths. We would be there for anywhere between four to six hours swimming up and down, up and down. We climbed trees, we  played football and all sorts of other energetic activities. We needed our food to keep us running round like that.

memsoOne of my favourite memories from childhood is when Mum would take us on impromptu picnics in the summer. She was studying for her Open University degree in psychology. In the summer she would make jam sandwiches and pack a big carton of milk into cooler. Then Mum, Mandy, Milly and me would head up to the county park behind out house. She would find somewhere to lay her picnic blanket so that she could study in the sunshine, while us three girls were climbing trees and playing Hide and Seek. Happy memories. I don’t remember any of us being fussy about crusts.

Memories! I want picnics with Jack to build happy memories!

What’s something your family would be surprised to learn about you?

I can’t think of much that my family don’t know about me. I don’t have an answer really. Am I supposed to be springing surprises on my family?


Please feel free to share some gratitude from this past week!

llosprriThe thing I am most grateful for at the moment, is that Jack is back with me in London! I have missed him so much!

It felt as if to welcome Jack back to England, the rain stopped, the sun came out and the sky turned a beautiful blue! Jack is back…the world is a happier place for it!

Jack and Caramel…happy times ahead! He will be next to me again tonight.


My Weekend Is Really Taking Off!

I wrote this little post last night (Thursday night) just before I went to bed. Then I realized I had a post scheduled about Jack coming back to London. I had to edit that and update it…and here is the reason why!

hoameI have been on the phone to Jack. Poor Jack should have been asleep, but he put up with my excited chatter. Something amazing has happened. I have to work on Friday morning, but after that…I am not back in work until Monday morning! I have two and a half days off in a row! Yay!!!

That means that I don’t have to interrupt my weekend with Jack. That is really good – really really good! He will be here with me on this very sofa this time tomorrow!

So amongst other plans we have for the weekend, we are going to have lunch with an important director to talk about Jack’s work out in the middle east and future projects. We are also going to an event which will feature some of the young lads (in their late teens and early twenties) that Jack has helped, who are going to be part of the programme. These lads all think the world of Jack.

teamsWe also have a training session for some work we are doing in the summer together, along with about two hundred other volunteers. I am really excited that Jack and I are going to be in action together as two volunteers working together this weekend. It means so much!

Anyway, I have come home from paid work and tried to do as much work as I can (unpaid voluntary work) – completing an audit of the accounts for a local charity and sending out an email to regarding health and safety training to about a thousand volunteers all in a database I help to maintain.

I have a few things to do still, and then I will sleep. The more I do now, the more I get to enjoy my weekend with Jack without any anxiety that I have a lot to do.

I can’t wait to see him!

He’s Coming Home!

ais Guess who is coming back to England this very day!

Guess who has the afternoon off work, meaning she can go and meet him at the airport!

Guess who is very very excited!!!!

Friday night will be a lovely night…I have to work for a few hours on Saturday which means he can head back to his flat and sort out his things. Then we are together Saturday evening and all of Sunday.

Yesterday…my plan for the weekend changed. It changed in a very good way! I will tell you all about it later!!!

Caramel is happy!