How Many Calories Does Your Body Use To Keep You Warm?

It’s very cold. Perhaps I am feeling it more than usual today because the boiler has stopped working. I was shivery cold in bed last night. Cold shower this morning (had to wash my hair with cold water – brrrrr!) and I have arrived back at the little nest after a long day at work to still no heating. Apparently the boiler engineer is coming at some point on Tuesday.

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I feel like eating something yummy and warm and full of calories. But because I am always worried about photographs that strangers may take when I am with Jack, I am still eating light portions of salad and hummus.

But I don’t mind really. When Jack is back with me, we will eat plenty of lovely food and drink wine together. So while he is away, I will eat less. Sigh. It’s pathetic isn’t it! But it’s a horrible thing when an unflattering photo of you spreads like wildfire and strangers respond with insults. So I am going to try not to give them anything to pick on.

Anyway…I had a thought, half a thought. When it’s cold, surely your body must use more calories to keep you warm? So maybe it wouldn’t matter if I broke my “diet” and ordered a yummy takeaway.

Only…now I am in my snuggly pyjamas and bed socks. I don’t want to have to go outside to the locked gates to collect a takeaway now do I!

8 thoughts on “How Many Calories Does Your Body Use To Keep You Warm?”

  1. Order a pizza. And don’t pay any mind to what others say about you (I know that’s hard to do, as I can personally attest, but if someone starts calling me out on my weight, I just tune them out).

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    1. In the end, I just wrapped myself up in bed and tried to stop shivering.
      Pizza is a rare treat because I need it to be vegan (the dairy makes me ill).
      I am happy with my weight, but I do not like what the camera does to me. It’s demoralising.

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      1. 🙂
        Really? I’m sorry to hear that.
        Yeah, I’m generally not bothered, but I now have to watch my weight due to health reasons and have to lose nearly 30 kilos for said health reasons.


    1. I try to look at food as fuel. If I am going to be on my feet all day running around, I let myself eat more. But some days I am tied to a desk and I try to make sure I have lighter meals those days.

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