Nothings Gonna Stop Us

Today is not just the last day of February…it is also the last day of the LOVE IS IN DA BLOG Music Festival. It has been so much fun to join in and see the great songs chosen by other bloggers who have taken part.

This was Bee’s original post explaining the music festival and featuring all of the themes that we have enjoyed this month:


For today’s theme, Bee said we could pick whatever we wanted to! So I picked a song that I am calling the theme tune for Jack and me! Ever since the miracle of him getting in touch and us making peace…and then ending up in each other’s arms…I do feel more confident about the future. There will be challenges. Jack being abroad so often is something that I am finding very difficult…but Goldfinch was on the opposite side of the planet, and it did not stop the flames burning.

Apparently today is the day that women are supposed to propose marriage to their boyfriends. Very wisely, my boyfriend has made sure he is in another country. πŸ˜€ I am looking forward to seeing him very much. But he has nothing to fear, I have no plans to propose to him.

I am proposing to spoil him when he is back here in my arms though!

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