I Lost My Holiday Snaps

Last year I travelled 10,100 miles to spend summer (or winter in Australia) with Goldfinch. I loved every moment.

However, something awful happened. My tablet did not work properly. I lost all of my photographs. I was absolutely gutted!

Ever since then, my life has taken a course that has meant it would be unlikely that I would be heading back to Adelaide with a camera. But things change. Things happen. Life throws up surprises.

Anyway…before I do anything, I need to get myself a camera that works. A couple of my friends have offered to lend me cameras, but they are too fancy, I would be terrified to break them or lose them. Nope, I am going to have to shell out for a camera myself.

16 thoughts on “I Lost My Holiday Snaps”

    1. I have a ticket now. I am so nervous about something going wrong though. We were talking for ages about whether it is wise to travel with all these coronavirus developments. But we decided, it is impossible for anyone to know.

      I am going to try not to be anxious. I cannot wait to be back in Adelaide! This time with a camera that works!!!

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    1. Oh Sheree – I was so tearful when I released what had happened. I was looking at cameras today. These digital cameras – do you just take photos and then load them onto your laptop when you reach home??? I am so clueless with technology.
      I am going to be asking everyone I know for advice….and they will laugh at me when they realize I really do not have a clue how they work!

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      1. My husband has a digital camera and he downloads the photos from the memory card in the camera. He takes the card out and puts it into a reader. On some laptops, like mine, you can insert the card and read directly. We only delete the photos from the card once they’re downloaded, edited, catalogued and stored on Dropbox. I however just take photos with my iPhone or mini iPad.


        1. Last year I took my tablet with me…but none of the photos I took saved. Before i went I deleted lots of photos to free up space, but it stopped working in Australia. I had never had problem with it before. So this time I am going to use a camera. I can’t risk that happening again 😦

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    1. I was looking at cameras today. There was a little Sony digital camera for around £60. i don’t want to spend more than that. But I don’t actually know how digital cameras work.

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    1. When I realized I was gutted. Even thought I am heading back there, there are no guarantees that I could mimic the memories of last year. We had amazing experiences. We were walking through a park and a kangaroo with a joey in her pouch and another young kangaroo near her crossed our path.
      Koala, kookaburra, bandicoots, and so many lovely places we visited.
      But I am going to make sure this time I take lots of photos of the new memories I am going to make.

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