He Is Taking Me Out For The Day

I found out today that….wait for it….I will have an afternoon off work this week! Yay!!! Everyone cheer!!! I was chattering away to a friend of mine this evening (he is also a friend of Jack’s and he seems very pleased that Jack and I are mended) and he offered to take me out for a good time on my afternoon off.

Ooooooh! An adventure with George! Where will he take me? I can’t wait! He is always going to interesting places and hanging out with interesting people. I am really pleased at the thought of spending the afternoon with him.

Then that evening, I am going to what I believe will be a small party. Well, my friend in Tufnell Park has a tiny flat, so it can’t be too big. Although one summer I do remember about thirty of us squeezing inside her flat. That was because a musician we know was staying with her. So a lot of us popped in (invitation only) and listened to a private performance.

Anyway….I need fun! It sounds as if fun is ahead for me!!! Yay!!!

13 thoughts on “He Is Taking Me Out For The Day”

      1. Believe me – I can relate (I’ve been doing a course that, while they say the activities and studies involved can be done at our own pace/learning pace, they also would prefer each activity/study to be done in two to three weeks, so I don’t always get to finish and get on here and relax until night-time sometimes).


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