Do Not Squander Time

The adage featured for today’s FANDANGO’S FEBRUARY EXPRESSIONS is:

A stitch in time saves nine

Any adage about how to make the best use of the time makes me think of a famous saying attributed to Benjamin Franklin. TIME – the stuff life is made of!!!

SInce I was sixteen, I have learnt that one of the most precious resources I had was TIME. We all have twenty-four hours in a day, but how we use those hours is revealing. Some people pack an incredible amount in. Some waste time, or lose time because they did not foresee how A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE.

shower.jpgI rarely use this expression verbally. But I think it is an adage that I live by. Consider my shower for example. Here in London we have “hard water”. Limescale! It causes a lot of damage.

When I first moved to London, I received training from my housekeeper in how to look after the accommodation I was given and how to make her life easier. Every time we showered, we would spray a very mild sanitiser, squeegee the glass and tiles and then wipe down the smears with a cloth. I have lived in London for almost ten years, and everytime I have a shower I do the same thing. That means that when I come to clean my shower thoroughly once a week, there is no need for scrubbing or strong chemical cleaners, it is very easy to clean and make the whole shower cubicle look sparkly.

Sometimes when I visit the homes of friends and colleagues in London, I notice their shower is caked with white chalky limescale. I am so tempted to recommend to them that they wipe down their shower after each use. Those I have mentioned it seem to think it would take too much time. But it takes two minutes, if that. How long would it take to scrub the limescale when your clean your bathroom? If you let it build up and up, no matter how much you try to scrub it away, it is a nightmare to get rid of.

clsaI am definitely one of those people who cleans as I go. I don’t let my household chores pile up. I keep on top of things. Neglect can cause big problems later down the line, which often means losing time and money.

Oh and it’s not only cleaning. I cook meals and freeze portions, so that on days I do not have time to cook, there is something waiting for me.

I alphabetize everything not nailed to the floor when I am at work, so it will be easy to find when I am in a hurry. I make sure that everyday I send some sort of message or email to friends or family, rather than procrastinating keeping in touch with my loved ones. Time spent on caring for your loved ones is never ever a waste!

I can think of more and more ways that the value of the adage Fandango has chosen for today has been proven to pay off  in my own life. A host of STITCHES IN TIME that paid off later, have allowed me to devote over 20,000 hours to volunteering with charities! I am so glad that my parents trained me to make the most of time!


This was my response to today’s FANDANGO’S FEBRUARY EXPRESSIONS:


Take Me Far Away

I feel bad. As the weeks pass by I have noticed the long long work hours I have had to work are taking a toll on me. Tiredness has accrued. I am still managing, but my creativity is suffering. After a long day at work, dealing with both lovely and not so lovely patients, it is hard to imagine a story or a poem.

Teresa has been providing some wonderful prompts, and I am so tired I have been unable to respond to some of them. But I do appreciate the effort that other bloggers put in to preparing and hosting writing prompts. This is Teresa’s prompt for today:

The weather in England is cold and dreary

After work my mind and body are weary

So until I can afford a holiday

Put your arms around me, take me far away

Your love is like walking along the seashore

And for all of my heartaches you are the cure

Wrapped up in your embrace, the sun always shines

Your kisses taste sweeter than the finest wines

Gazing into your eyes, like blue skies above

How could I endure without your fondest love?

Sweet Loving

Candy, Heart, Heart Candy, DeliciousBee, the creator of The Bee Writes…, is hosting a music festival, which I have to say, is pretty darn tootin cool! Don’t you think! By the looks of things her themes for this month long festival are going to rival Glastonbury!

Today, I am turning to pop music to liven up my day. Another long work day awaits me!

Today’s theme is:

A love song with or about sweets

Check out Bee’s post below for a list of the themes (a lot of love going on as you can see!) in the post below:

There are so many songs I could have chosen. But today I have chosen a song with the kind of energy and excitement that I have felt of late. Loving Jack is sweet. He is sweet!