You are at a social event when someone you have only a basic acquaintance with, touches you inappropriately.



What is THE CARAMEL CRUNCH? Well, it’s all about decisions. When it comes to THE CRUNCH what would you do?

One of the definitions of the word CRUNCH is:

a crucial point or situation

 – generally involving a decision with weighty consequences

  • Your response can be a quickie. Please feel free to send a comment to say what you would do, and if you have time or are inclined, please feel free to explain your decision.
  • If you would like to create a post with a longer explanation of your decision, please pingback to THE CARAMEL CRUNCH post. (Or copy and paste a link to your post in the comments section – please feel free.)

If you know anything about CRUSHED CARAMEL, you will probably realize I am a gentle soul, so my questions are not supposed to be terrifying! What I am hoping for really is to see a variety of responses. Afterall, it’s pretty obvious that WordPress bloggers are from a huge variety of backgrounds and cultures. It would be fascinating to learn more about how we as individuals make decisions.

Some of the questions I am going to ask are questions I have discussed with friends when we have been having coffee or dinner. I often find there is no clear right or wrong. It can be so much a matter of our individual experiences and outlook. I find it fascinating how very different some of us are when it comes to decision making.

We all have different outlooks, and may make different decisions. I am really looking forward to learning WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

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Til Now I Always Got By On My Own

rochicI do think that rock chicks rock love songs a little better than rock blokes. There is just something slightly more believable about them singing about love. I have always been a tad skeptical about male rock stars singing about love. But then I had so many unpleasant experiences with rock groups when I worked for the record company, maybe they left me jaded.

If you were in any doubt about the genre Heart want to be classed in, their videos will leave you in no doubt about that! These girls pack in heart wrenching lyrics with dramatic guitar chords, and in doing so they create love rock music anthems!

Today’s theme is:

Rock songs about love

This is Bee’s post for today’s LOVE IS IN DA BLOG Music Festival:

Love Is In Da Blog 2020 Day 15: Find rock songs about love & Prompt for Day 16

I am batting down the hatches in anticipation for Storm Dennis the Menace, which is starting to whip up the wind outside already.

I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing

Electric Guitar, Rock, GuitarBee, the creator of The Bee Writes…, is hosting a music festival, which I have to say, is pretty darn tootin cool! Don’t you think! By the looks of things her themes for this month long festival are going to rival Glastonbury!

And today might sound like a rock music festival. Expect terrific guitar riffs and dramatic lyrics, because…..

….Today’s theme is:

Rock songs about love

This is Bee’s post for today’s LOVE IS IN DA BLOG Music Festival:

One song came straight to mind. This is a brilliant song, but it is unmistakably a rock star singing it. (You can always tell because they sound as if they need to be admitted to hospital.) Still…it is a great track. I have been missing Jack (and Goldfinch of course) so much! I don’t want to miss a moment really, but his having international assignments is going to be a challenge for me.