I’m 21! OK!

The theme for today’s LOVE IS IN DA BLOG Music Festival, hosted by Bee Halton, creator of The Bee Writes… is

A love song from the year we were born

This is Bee’s post for featuring today’s theme:

Love Is In Da Blog 2020 Day 11: A love song from the year we were born & Prompt for Day 12

21So, if anyone asks the year I was born…well, it all depends when you ask. You see after I reached twenty-one, I decided I was going to stay twenty-one. Don’t laugh! Woman’s prerogative or something like that! So if you ask me today, I would have to pick a song from 1999.

I couldn’t find any love songs from 1999 that particularly caught my attention. But I saw one from an artist named Jewel. Now back then, I don’t remember listening to Jewel myself, however some of my friends loved her music. I remember them saying that they loved her lyrics.

So as this seems quite the love song, Jewel is my pick for today! And remember, if anyone asks you, I am twenty-one!

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