It’s A Love Story

Country, Guitar, Girl, Music, InstrumentBee, the creator of The Bee Writes…, is hosting a music festival, which I have to say, is pretty darn tootin cool! Don’t you think! By the looks of things her themes for this month long festival are going to rival Glastonbury!

Today’s theme is:

Country songs about love

Check out Bee’s post below for a list of the themes (a lot of love going on as you can see!) in the post below:

Love Is In Da Blog 2020 ~ "A Music Festival" is back!

I am not very ofay with country music. I may have mentioned that before. But I am told that before she became a pop sensation, a certain popular musician who I featured in my SLS post today, was huge in the country music scene. So, I turned to her early works to find something, and there was a song called Love Story.

12 thoughts on “It’s A Love Story

    1. She has a lot of songs it turns out! Until recently I had only heard Shake It Off, but my friend who is a scary fan of TS played me hours of her music on a journey up to Wales a few months ago.
      I am always stumped when it comes to country music.

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        1. I reckon she may return to it. She is clearly a musician who can work in different genres. I think that while she has been in her twenties, making the most of the pop genre has probably been a wise move. But her diversity means she can enjoy a career in music for a long time in the future.

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          1. There is a lot of cross over but she announced that she was leaving Nashville and country music to move to New York to do pop. I think she is starting to get back to her roots. I agree with you that it is going to be in her favor. 😊


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