Now I Get It!

I have seen many other bloggers write about their experiences with publishing their book. Honestly, some of them seem like a woman with labour pains, that become more and more intense the further along they are in the editing, proofreading, formatting and submitting process.

birthsAnyway…I just want to say, I get it now! Now I understand what all the groaning and grumbling was about. It starts out a joyful enterprise. Excitement builds, you start to imagine holding your baby, the finished book. But then comes all the awfulness, the pains and aches and exhaustion!

But like many other writers who have survived the publishing experience and finally reaped the joy of seeing their book on a Kindle on in Paperback form…I too am expecting my first ever book/novel to appear on Amazon!! Yayyyy! The cover is rather purple. It was one of Dean’s songs about Annabelle “Strange Kind Of Purple” that prompted that choice. I am looking forward to the ocean cover on the sequel of Annabelle’s story.

purplsFinally hey!!! Like any annoying new parent, I will be sharing all the excitement when my little bundle of joy is live and kicking on Amazon! I reckon Tuesday at the latest!

So if you were feeling romantic, with it being close to Luvvy Dovey Day (also known as why has nobody sent me a bunch of red roses? doesn’t he know I only like dark chocolate? does he even know I exist? day!), Caramel has a sweet and inspiring romance novel for you!

It’s not all sickly sweet! It’s the story of a young woman who has been hiding what she hates about herself for years. Her epic adventure of learning about herself, helps her own healing and moves her to address some of the damage she has caused to those who she loves the most. The LEARNERS AT LOVE Series begins with Part One of Annabelle Riley’s story:



Yes…that is what was decided should be the title of my first novel, which is a romance! Odd hey! Believe me, we debated it at great length, so I hope it isn’t going to frighten people off!


17 thoughts on “Now I Get It!”

    1. It will be so great to see it finally finished.
      The funny thing is Sadje, I really have had no idea what I was doing. I was so pleased with my 240,000 word manuscript. That would have worked out to be a terrifyingly huge book apparently. So I was told very early on, this is at least two books.

      I have edited the original story a lot, and endlessly proofread and tweaked it. Now the scrutiny begins on the second part! I do enjoy it, but I have to concentrate. I am going to try to get as much done while Jack is away as possible – because he is a major distraction!!!

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    1. Thank you Ashley!!! I am amazed it is finally happening!
      I thought of it so much as a romance from the start. But the people who have worked with me on the edit have been pushing the mental health themes as the main feature. I feel a bit out of my depth. But it is fiction. It just tells the story of a woman who has been hiding her battle and is scared of what people would think it they knew what she has been hiding.

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        1. I only just saw! I am so excited!

          I had just sent an email over to Goldfinch telling him it would be on Amazon by Tuesday. I pressed send….and there it was on Amazon. Unbelievably quick!

          Ashley – thank you so much for picking up a copy. I am smiling from ear to ear at seeing it on the Amazon site. It feels so real now!

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    1. lol!!!
      A guy came into work the other day, and made a comment about the stress he is under at the moment because he is trying to get pregnant. (His choice of words) I had to control myself so I didn’t make an insensitive comments back. I wanted to say, “if you are trying to get pregnant Sir, I am not surprised you are feeling stressed.

      The problem with being so tired at work (60 hours every week since start of January) is that you start to become slightly delirious!


  1. So happy for you! I will download it on my Kindle and read it. Looking forward to it actually. I haven’t read anything lately and good romance is a good one to delve into. Congratulations!


      1. You are welcome! You deserve it. I’m taking an online course called “Writing Like a Pro” and am up to my ears in technical mumbo jumbo. I started the class to help me get my novel going after a 20 hiatus. We will see how that goes. I’m excited to read your book.


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