I Am Dreading Today

takeinI ended up having a late night out in South Kensington. I only ended up there because a friend’s husband is over in America, and a colleague she had invited to attend in his place had come down with the flu. I was invited at very short notice.

It was an opportunity I couldn’t really reject. Jack would have been cross with me if I had. I am glad I went. It was good that I was in public and seeing people who are close to Jack and addressing them confidently, with that security that comes from my relationship with Jack. Yes, I am being brave and entering the very public world that Jack belongs to, and last night I did it without him.

By the time I reached home, it was too late for me to risk going to sleep. For a couple of hours I did some ironing, had a shower and washed my hair, sent some emails to family and friends and also Jack and Goldfinch, caught up on my WordPress comments and then waited until it was time to leave my little nest to walk down the hill to work.

So I have a horribly long day ahead of me…and I have not slept a wink! Coffee!!! Bear in mind I am only working Mondays and Tuesdays for them because they still have not recruited someone for those days. They are not my normal days at all! I am relieved that I have Tuesday morning off work. So after work today, my plan is just to come home and climb straight into bed.

Today is going to be awful!


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