My Bank Manager Is Going To Be Celebrating

wawagIt’s Friday and…I just got paid!!! Phew! January is always a long month. But this month I have had to do a lot of extra work. I have been paid more than twice as much as I normally do! My bank are going to be wondering what on earth is going on!

Oh well…the bank manager can think whatever they want. I was on my feet for long long days and smiling for twelve hours straight. Most of our patients are amazing, but I will be honest with you, there are times when the smile wants to vanish. But hey…it’s a whole month and the difficult patients have not got to me yet!

It’s the weekend, and I might even buy myself a treat. I have not had any cake all month. Don;t you think I deserve a slice now?

9 thoughts on “My Bank Manager Is Going To Be Celebrating”

    1. I have worked in finance in the past. But I don’t currently. But the manager at the bank where I have an account will be pleased to see my account looking healthier than ever.

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    1. There have been some wonderful things happening in January, but I have had to do so much extra paid work, it has really made it hard to enjoy everything else I do. I do a lot of unpaid work and also the occasions I attended with Jack before he went away. I have packed a lot in, but I am shattered!

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