I’m Still Dancing Over A Week Later!

tearI am still remembering some of the songs we danced to last weekend. I was tearing up the dance floor that night – if I do say so myself! Man, it was fun!

The only problem is that when you dance like that, you get a bit sweaty. That lovely dress I was wearing. is going to need dry-cleaning. Having worked at one stage for a dry-cleaners, I know just where to take it.

This was a fabulous song to dance to. A lot of people jumped to the dance floor as soon as they heard it. That’s the mark of a great dance track. How many people hear the first few bars and decide they want to get up and have a boogie.

I hope I am able to do a lot more dancing with Jack. Such awesome fun! I need to cheer him up, because he has been so upset by what happened with the young man he was helping. He keeps mentioning it when we talk. When he returns to London, maybe I will find a way to get him dancing again. Even it’s just at home.


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