Jack Crying On My Shoulder

This might sound daft, but I had the chance to actually feel I was being supportive of Jack during a stressful experience he had recently. It was not long before he went away that he had a very emotional situation explode on him.

support.pngHe helps a lot of young lads from pretty mixed up backgrounds. Something terrible happened with one of the lads who has been doing really well. So sad. Huge loss for Jack, to see someone get involved with trouble and crime again. So sad. It upsets Jack to see someone he has come to care about and has invested so much time and encouragement in, make such a silly decision.

Jack is such a gorgeous person. He cares so much. I saw Jack in tears when he heard what happened. I loved being the person he could turn to for some loving words. I loved being the shoulder he could cry on. I do love being with him. I love what he does. I love he man he is. I am so glad that he and I are close again. Well…right now there is a big distance between us because of his current assignment. But we are in touch every day.

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