The Evidence Points To Nurse Lizzy

Teresa’s prompt for today takes us into the realms of detectives, amateur detectives. My detective is a little boy named Kyle. Although, as you will see, his detective work actually proves hazardous.

Your challenge today, should you accept it, is to find your inner detective and write your take on the Mystery subgenre of Amateur Sleuth and see where it leads…or whatever/wherever the picture takes you.

This is a little story about what a little boy finds in the local children’s playground, while he is inspecting the disappearance of the swings.

Detective, Magnifying Glass, Viewing

“What are you doing Kyle?” asked Charlie.

“I a trying to solve a crime!” was the reply.

Charlie was surprised, “A crime? What kind of crime?”

Swing, Children, Play, HolidayKyle put his hands on his hips and declared, “The mystery of the stolen the swings!”

“Did somebody steal the swings?”

“They were here yesterday Charlie. Hayley and me came down here after school and we were swinging on them until it was time for tea. But when we came along after school today, they had vanished. Somebody must have stolen them. I am looking for evidence to see if I can work out who it was.”

“Have you found any evidence yet?”

Kyle pulled out the contents of his pocket and laid them on the ground for Charlie to inspect. Charlie’s eyes opened wide!

evidence“Are you thinking what I am thinking Charlie?”

“Kyle, this is the kind of thing my parents told me not to go near!”

Kyle had a cryptic expression, “That’s because these only belong to Doctors and Nurses. That narrows it down. It was either Doctor Brown from the Sunnyside Medical Practice, or it must have been Lizzy, the school nurse.”

“Nurse Lizzy was off school today. My teacher Mrs Cromwell said that Nurse Lizzy has the flu.”

“A likely story! She probably took the day off school so that she could come down here and steal the swings for herself. Why don’t we go and sneak into her garden to see if she has hid them there!”

Never Ever Again

Birkenau, Auschwitz, Concentration, Camp

Today, the BBC News reported on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz on 27th January 1945.

The overriding tone of the reports was a fear that people might forget what happened. One of the survivors commented that if you ask a young person what they know about Auschwitz, they might reply, “Who’s he?”

I do feel sad at the thought of what some humans are capable of. Not all. Many humans would not dream of committing such atrocities. But there are divisive issues brewing. There are many who are grumbling due to injustices and hardship. Even more disturbing, some people choose to entertain themselves with graphic violence in films and video games.

The world might not necessarily see these horrible extermination camps again. However, the attitudes, the sentiments, the propaganda that allowed Auschwitz to exist and operate is still rife in the world we live in.

The world desperately needs a real education. Not the type universites supply. An education for hearts and minds in what real love and real peace means. I long for the whole world to breathe a sigh a relief, knowing for sure that these things will never ever happen again.

I Never Want To Be Strangers Again

I was supposed to be going to Heathrow with Jack today. However, he has changed his flight because of a funeral. I won’t write about the funeral right now. Jack is upset. But that means I won’t be able to go with him when he sets off. Nevermind. There will be other opportunities, I am sure. I hope to meet him at the airport when he comes back to London. That will be lovely.

Couple, Young Couple, Love, RomanceOther people “knowing” about us, is already changing the dynamics of the relationship between Jack and I. Before it was just him and me. Now it’s opinionated comments, probing questions and friendly teasing from others. Sigh.

It is good that everyone knows. I am especially relieved that my family know! But part of me wants to crawl back into the cave with him and keep out everyone else from our relationship for longer.

I forgot how freely other people offer opinions and make jokes about subjects that are still quite sensitive. It is very unfortunate that so many of our friends know that there has been a very rocky road for Jack and I. It’s giving them plenty to talk about and tease us about. I am trying to take it in good humour. But I have been very busy, and when you are tired, you are sometimes a little more emotionally fragile than usual.

Don’t worry there have been no disasters yet. I just feel more emotional than before. What people say does affect me. I am trying not to let it be an issue between Jack and I.

Eye, Tear, Sadness, Cry, Sad, HumanBut do you know that pain that you get somewhere near the back of your throat when you are upset. It makes it painful to swallow and sends a sharp rush of tears to your eyes. Some of the remarks and questions I have received have triggered that.

I just do not want anything to spoil things between Jack and me. We were strangers, who became friends, who became lovers, who became strangers again. By some miracle, the estrangement was healed and we are friends and lovers again. But it would break my heart it if Jack and I ever became strangers again. Queue the BBC Voice of 2020, yes Celeste:

What Came After The Cry Of Peace And Security

I don’t like to miss any of Teresa’s writing prompts. But it’s been a long old day! In a long old week, in what is turning out to be a long old month! Don’t worry, I only sound like this because I have been brazenly burning the candle at both ends! Naughty Caramel! The good news (for me anyway) is that I only start work at midday tomorrow, so I can have a little sleep in. Phew!

This is today’s writing prompt from Teresa Grabs:

Your challenge today, should you accept it, is to find your inner survivalist and write your take on the Thriller subgenre of Disaster and see where it leads…or whatever/wherever the picture takes you.

I guess thrillers and disasters are not my genre. I don’t watch them, neither do I read them. Being so ridiculously tired…I was doubtful I could come up with anything. But I thought I would give it a little try. But now it is time for bed!

Apocalyptic, War, Danger, Apocalypse

As Mark stood on the top of Alexander Palace Park and looked out at the scene before him, he wondered to himself. How many disaster movies Hollywood had churned out over the years portraying aliens or comets or dinosaurs being the cause of a global tribulation.

Rope, Bondage, Model, Hands, WomanHe strained his memory, trying to remember a movie that had depicted humans attacking other humans on this scale. Former friends, colleagues, neighbours turning on each other. Even families who could no longer remain united. Propaganda had whipped up large scale of hatred over anyone who did not seem aligned with the agenda that world governments had set out.

Mark thought back to how it all began. After a few rocky years where the authority of many ruling powers seemed shaky, and there were more and more protests, strikes and demonstrations by millions of people on the streets of large cities around the globe, governments finally felt they needed to take action to preserve their authority.

There was a great cry of Peace and Security. It had been agreed that the United Nations would help bring stability to the turbulence as more and more people were protesting against political legislature and government action. To equip them, each government assigned divisions from their army, navy and air forces to bolster the authority of the “peace-keeping” organization.

War, Soldiers, Warrior, Explosion, GunsOne of the first decisive indictments enacted by the United Nations sparked a worse period of trouble than history books had ever recorded. Hollywood had never dared to imagine anything like this.

But there was another thought that weighed on Mark’s mind. Years earlier, he had been off work with the flu one day when his doorbell had rang. After telling the smartly dressed couple at the door that he was busy, he had taken the small leaflet they held out to him. Later that afternoon when he was bored, he had glanced over it. The words he had read were now emblazoned on his memory. It was exactly as they had described in detail. He wondered, where could he find them now?