I Won’t Let You Down And Run

dauWhenever I go to any kind of dance event, I find myself with the opportunity to dance along with songs in public that previously I have only danced to in my bedroom.

Saturday night featured two songs from Dua Lipa. Jack says he is looking forward to her next album. I haven’t heard her first album, so I suddenly feel as if I am going to have to google her music so Jack doesn’t realize quite how behind the times I am. (I don’t care really!)

Anyway, this was actually one of the first songs played on Saturday. Jack grabbed my hand and twirled me round. He knew all the words off by heart. I knew the music. But I was just reading the lyrics…when Jack knows these songs off by heart, I sometimes wonder whether he has been listening to these songs and thinking of me. I don’t know. When I hear emotive lyrics, I think of a special someone. Over the last eight years, that was Jack, then Goldfinch, and now it’s Jack again.

The line that I picked up on from this song was: “Just another chance so that I can show, That I won’t let you down and run”. Yeah, that’s exactly what Jack and I have given each other…another chance. I am so glad it is paying off!

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