Waiting At The Bus Stop

Stop, Bus Stop, Road, Winter, Wintry

I was standing at the bus stop yesterday afternoon and I remembered

That at the very same place I have stood close beside you

Waiting for a late bus with freezing damp air enveloping us


You put your arm around me, and drew me close to you

I rested my forehead on your chest and breathed you in

Your kisses on the top of my head, your arms around me


The atoms and molecule and cells that make up your body

They were here, close to me, beside me, entangling with me

The two of us finding comfort in touch and warmth and scent


You are so far away, I cannot reach out for you when I need you

I cannot walk over to your home, or catch a bus or train to see you

I cannot hold you, I cannot gaze at you, I cannot be entangled with you


The only way of being with you is to work many hours of overtime

Enduring the abuse of patients who have to wait longer than they can bear

Saving every spare penny that I can earn until I can afford the flight


I remembered when I was standing at the bus stop yesterday afternoon

How wonderful it was to be next to you, wrapped up in your arms

I was so distracted by my thoughts the bus drove right past me


Which gave me another twenty minutes to stand and think to myself

Of all the wonderfully special memories that you gave me

It kept me warm despite the freezing damp air enveloping me


Thank you for brightening my life and deepening my smiles





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