Where Are You Now?

I heard a song playing on the radio at work. It choked me up! I was walking home with the words “Where are you now?” echoing around my head.

Silhouette, Traveller, Mountains, LightWhile one of the most gorgeous men on the planet is in a remote part of the world, he is cut off from communications. I start to fear all sorts of things may have happened to him. What if an anaconda found him when he was sleeping? Or…no, I won’t list all of my bizarre anxieties.

Travel is wonderful. I am happy for him. But my mind keeps on going over all of the random hazards and dangers that could harm him in some way. I can’t bear to think of him being hurt.

Where are you now Goldfinch? All I need to know is that you are safe. I want you to be happy, healthy and free. But I need to know you are safe!

What Is Happening In Moscow?

The answer is, I don’t know yet.

Russia, Moscow, Red Square, ChurchI do genuinely wonder what is happening in Moscow today. I was just watching the BBC News and it started out with a report that dramatic events are occuring in Russia…and just as it was sounding very interesting, BBC lost contact with their Russia correspondent.

It did sound dramatic. I think I am going to ask Google what is happening in Moscow, although I imagine there will be a lot of weird and wonderful answers thrown back at me.

Maybe I will wait for the Beeb to resolve their technical difficulties…

…Oh, they have signal back. I am still not quite sure what is happening. There seems to be a change in the Russian constitution afoot, if I am correct in understanding the report. It seems that at least one Russian politician is having a job change. But even the Russian correspondent admitted they do not really know exactly what and why.

I am watching. There are lot of world leaders moving boundaries and laws. Pulling out of treaties and unions and agreements. I wonder what it is to facilitate. Do you?

My Adventurer

One of the two wonderful men in my life is currently overseas. He was already overseas of course. But now he is overseas somewhere else.

I miss him so much. I still think of him every day and at the moment, I am imagining his adventures in a paradisaic part of the planet. I wish I was tagging along with him. I would slow him down though. He always wanted to be free. I don’t blame him for not wanting to trade this kind of freedom.