Thank You Kim!

tableYesterday, I published the last part of my Annabelle Riley – Learner At Love series.

I wanted to say a very special thank you to Kim, the creator of Writer Side of Life!  It was Kim who supplied the writing prompt that lit a spark in me to tell an epic tale of love, life and mental health.

I had just come back from spending summer with Goldfinch in Australia (their winter). I was so happy when I was with him, and so sad to be leaving him to return to England. My heart was breaking! I was also still grieving the loss of the tiny life that was growing within me before I lost her. I told Goldfinch, that if she was a girl, I would have loved to have called her Annabelle!

There has been a lot happening in my life these past few months. I have a very close family member battling cancer. Then there is Jack! What a development! It has been helpful to me with so much going on to have a little hideaway mentally. When I don’t be overwhelmed with the emotions of that is going on in my life, I can hide myself away in Annabelle’s story.

together1Well, I have finished her story. We finished on a positive note, with Annabelle feeling stronger and excited about her future. Although Annabelle and the other characters are fictional, there is enormous amount from my own personal life that influenced her story. Some of the lead male characters are inspired by men I know. It’s completely up to you to decide who Goldfinch and Jack inspired!

Next time you see a blogger hosting a writing prompt, remember, it might end up being more than a short story or poem. It might well become an epic writing journey and a published book! Keep writing!

I am so grateful to Kim for inspiring me! Kim suggested a long list of writing prompts and several of them appealed to me, but I this chose one to work on:

Free Creative Writing Prompts

I chose a prompt under the ROMANCE section: 3. Who is she waiting for?

kim's prompt
Photo by Thiago Matos from Pexels 

2 thoughts on “Thank You Kim!”

  1. Oh thank you for the shout out! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your series and am happy to inspire creative writing! I hope you do something with it in the future x

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    1. Thank you so much Kim!
      I still remember looking at that prompt and feeling that there was so much I could do with it. WHO IS SHE WAITING FOR? is something I had several different answers to. But I am glad I managed to stick to one.
      I have been editing and correcting my story in a separate WordPress document. I submitted the manuscript to a few publishers at the end of last year and have had some great feedback.

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