Ay Ay Captain!

Well, I was delighted when I saw today’s prompt from Teresa. This is just my cup of tea! As a child, my sisters and I used to play make-believe, imagining that when we climbed up into the cherry tree in our garden, it was really a huge sailing ship!

Your challenge today, should you accept it, is to explore your inner child. Write your take on the Children’s subgenre of Sea Adventure and see where it leads…or whatever/wherever the picture takes you.


In the games we used to play, Mandy was the Captain, I was the Navigator (because I was fascinated by maps) and little Milly was just about anything else we needed her to be. The boys who lived nearby would sometimes see the three of us up in the cherry tree and tease us. Well, we had our own wonderful way of dealing with them!

Pirate Ship, Sea, Moon, Fantasy, Ocean

“Lift the anchor and raise the sails Able Seaman Milly!”

“Ay ay Captain Mandy!”

And we were off, the wind whipping our long golden hair behind our faces as we stood up tall and gripped the the balasters of the ship. We swayed to and fro as the ship ploughed through the turbulent waves.

Beach, Sand, Island, Shore, Coast“Chart a course for paradise Navigator Melody.”

“Ay ay Captain! We are paradise bound.”

Captain Mandy continued to shout out orders, which were always obeyed with an “Ay ay Captain!” One of the tasks all members of the crew were assigned was to check the ammunitions in case we came across pirates on our voyage. As our ship was sailing merrily along, Shipmate Milly spotted trouble on the horizon.

“Pirates!” she cried out.

“Those scurvy rotters!” Navigator Melody scowled.

“Take courage and arm yourselves crew!” yelled Captain Mandy.

Pirate, Seafarer, Captain, Sailors, EvilAs the pirates (the boys who lived nearby) approached our ship, Captain Mandy commanded, “Ready, aim and FIRE!!!!!”

The pirates were bombarded with a rapid shower of ammunition (cherries from the tree). The plucky pirates tried to collect our own ammunition and launch it back at us. As the pirates drew nearer they tried to climb up the side of the ship (they were trying to climb our garden fence) in order to board our ship and claim it as their own.

Captain Mandy bared her fist menacingly at the pirates and spat down at them, “We’ll never surrender!”

Cherries, Fruit, Tree, HarvestShipmate Milly continued to hurl our bright red ammunition at the pirates. Navigator Melody had another tactic against the pirates. Clinging to the plank she wildly waved her legs in all directions kicking the pirates off the side of the ship and into the sea below.

As the pirates began to flee realizing our crew were much tougher than they had reckoned us, we all cheered!

“Girls! Tea’s ready. It’s time to come in,” called our Mum. Immediately, we all shimmied down the trunk of the cherry tree and ran across the garden eager to fill our empty bellies.

So much fun!!!




Dreams Come True

My friends are amazed!!! You know…I had forgotten how amazing it is! But the looks and expressions from my friends, the exclamations of shock and amazement are reminding me!

I was shocked when Jack called me and I have been very surprised at how things have developed between us. But my friends seem to think it more of a miracle than I do!

One of my friends said that I have a very positive outlook, and she always thought I was a bit of a dreamer. But she said she is pleased for me that my dreams seem to come true.

why hold back.jpg

The thing is…I couldn’t see how the sad situation with Jack could have gone on for much longer. I never completely lost hope that eventually we would be reconciled. It did seem very doubtful at times. I felt so much hurt. But it was when the situation hurt the most, when I felt my conscience tell me not to write-off the situation. Keeping hope alive brought me peace and made me feel better.

My friends are extremely excited. News is spreading quickly. They all seem very pleased and genuinely amazed. What does make me laugh a lot – is that a lot of my family have started to follow Jack on Instagram again. It’s a strange world nowadays!