A Fly In The Soup

Teresa is inviting us to explore the world of espionage today in her writing prompt. Espionage hey? That makes me think of only one man – Johnny English!

Your challenge today, should you accept it, is to explore your darker side or sense of justice. Write your take on the thriller subgenre of Espionage and see where it leads…or whatever/wherever the picture takes you.


I am so sleepy tired tonight, that my head is very heavy. I am sorry this is all I could come up with. If I had more energy, I think I could have polished this little idea up a bit. But I need to go and rest my painful head on a pillow. But I hope you can see where I was going.

Satellite, Eye, Watch, Optics, Space

Very Special Agent Douglas Foster was working undercover as a waiter at the exclusive dinner reception held at the Embassy, for shareholders who had invested in Crostox, the International Plastic Company that was under surveillance by the Secret Service.

Chairing the program of events that evening was Ambassador Miskalhauv. Foster and his assistant, Agent Adrian Jos had been watching the Ambassador for weeks. The evidence they had gathered pointed to a diplomat facilitating the illegal trade of chemical weapons. Both Foster and Jos had been assigned to pose as waiters the night of the dinner to observe events carefully.

dome.pngThe soup course was arriving from the Embassy kitchens. Foster lifted up the silver dome that was covering the bowl of soup intended for the Ambassador himself. To his horror, there was a fly floating on the surface of the soup.

Quick thinking Foster took the dish of soup and scuttled off towards the hallway outside the huge dining room. On noticing the French doors were open, Foster went to dispose of the soup.

Dog, Portrait, Cute, Mammal, AnimalOn reaching the terrace he was confronted with a deep growl. A rottweiler was licking his lips. Foster carefully placed the bowl of soup onto the tiles and backed away slowly. The dog began lapping up the soup immediately. Foster rushed back to his post in the dining room. Foster made eye-contact with Jos as he entered the dining room with more wine.

“It’s in the soup Sir,” whispered Jos as he stood next to the senior agent.

“The soup? What’s in the soup?”

“The nano-probe Sir.”

Foster was incredulous, “What’s it doing in the soup? How could you be so careless?”

Soup With Vegetables on White Ceramic Bowl“No Sir, it’s been placed in the Ambassador’s bowl of soup. When he eats the soup the nano-probe will attach itself to soft tissue within his body. It contains a highly sensitive bug which will detect conversations everywhere the Ambassador goes.”

“Right. So the first service trolley that arrived in the dining room, the one on the top shelf, that was the Ambassadors soup. That had the nanoprobe in it.”

“Exactly Sir, the soup that you gave to the Ambassador had the nano-probe hidden in it.”

Very Special Agent Foster gulped.

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