When I Grow Up I Want To Be…

I was trying to develop a story in my head in response to Teresa’s prompt for today. However, I didn’t like my story. So while I was doing my ironing just now, an entirely different story came into my head which I vastly preferred. Who would have thought ironing could be such an inspiration?

Your challenge today, should you accept it, is to save the world. Write your take on the fantasy subgenre of Superhero and see where it leads…or whatever/wherever the prompt takes you:


Tough genre for me today, simply because I think that superheroes are so overrated! Seriously. I have no time for them at all! But I wanted to make an attempt, and the photo Teresa included gave me an idea.

“Charlie, what would do you want to be when you grow up?” asked Miss Cromwell.

Charlie thought about the question and then responded, “When I grow, I want to be a superhero!”

Charlie’s teacher encouraged Charlie to explain his goal, “Why do you want to be a superhero Charlie?”

“Because I want to save the world!”

“That’s fabulous! How do you think you will save the world when you are a Superhero? Will you have special powers? Will you be able to fly? Will you be stronger than the baddies? Or faster? Or will you have some other unique ability that makes you a Superhero?”

Baffled by his teacher’s questions, Charlie proclaimed, “What are you talking about Miss? Don’t you know what makes a real superhero?”

“What would you say makes a real superhero?”

helps“Well, my Dad says that we can all be superheros and save the world if we look after one another and look after our planet. That means doing what we can to protect our air, our oceans and rivers and the wonderful natural world around us. It also means helping other people in need.”

Miss Cromwell was delighted with Charlie’s statement, “That’s a wonderful outlook, Charlie. The world definitely needs more superheros like that!”

“Being a superhero can be tough Miss, because there is a lot of discouragement out there. A lot of people don’t really care about saving the world, they only care about themselves. You need to be strong when there is so much negativity around you. So to be a real superhero, you have to stay optimistic and you need big dreams. It’s important to keep your dreams alive.”

Fantasy, Dream, Magic, Female, Child“I hope you become a real superhero Charlie. Perhaps you will be famous one day and I hope lots of other children grow up wanting to be just like you.”

“But Miss, real superheroes don’t try to save the world so that they can get glory and attention. A real superhero is motivated by love. That’s what will save the world Miss, a lot of unselfish love. Love for our wonderful human family and for the beautiful planet that we live on.”

Feeling quite humbled, Miss Cromwell batted a few tears from her eyes, “That’s so wonderful Charlie! You are right, the world needs more love.”

“A real superhero isn’t stronger, faster or better than other people. A real superhero has real unselfish love and wonderful dreams of a better world where every creature alive is able to thrive!”

Sunset, Dawn, Nature, Mountains

The Last Chapter

I am excited!!! There are only three more parts of Annabelle’s story left to be published. They are scheduled to be published at 12:01 GMT for the next three nights. I was reading the last few parts last night and it felt good, especially the last part.

annabelle st.pngLast chapters are hard! How do you finish off an epic writing journey? I am pleased with the ending. It feels right. Not a Disney Princess ending, but a positive note. Annabelle has had such a rollercoaster ride during her battle with self-harm. The ending seems what she deserves.

I have been amazed that I had it in me to write a longer work of fiction. I have been editing it and proofreading it extensively these past few weeks. I don’t want to stop in some ways. I have all sorts of ideas for writing more about the lives of some of the other characters in Annabelle’s story. Especially the story of Anna and Natalia’s life. I also have ideas about the three male characters, Dean, Robin and Chris. I almost wondered how it would read to have one novel about their growth from children to adult men and sharing all sorts of stories about what has made them who they are when they meet Annabelle and how she affects them. But for the moment I think it would be more fun to work on shorter pieces when it comes to background information on some of the other stories.

Books, Reading, Pages, Textbooks, WordsI will publish more when the book is available on Kindle and in Paperback. It’ll be very rewarding to see Annabelle in book form!

Completing her story has given me more time for working on other posts. I am having great fun trying to think of short fiction stories in response to the writing prompts from Teresa Grabs. But I hope to have more time now to respond to some of the other great writing prompts hosted by super-bloggers.

I think there are a lot of new bloggers out there. I guess that is what happens at the start of January. Why not? It’s as good a time as any to start a new blog! I have had a whole load of weird messages from new bloggers this past week asking me to promote them on my site. Erm…maybe I will address that in another post. If you are a new blogger, and you would love to write more, whether it be fiction or nonfiction, I can only share with you a little advice based on my own experience.

Student, Typing, Keyboard, Text, StartupKeep writing. Have a go at writing prompts and challenges  even if they are not your usual genre. Don’t think you have to write a huge story in response to every prompt. The truth is, not many other bloggers are going to want to read enormous posts. In fact if your story becomes too long, it is wise to break it up into multiple parts. But don’t be overly anxious about who reads it. Just keep on trying, keep on writing. What will happen is that little by little, you will develop a style of your own and you will enjoy your writing more and more.

I can see myself that my writing has improved over the past twenty months. I expect it will go on improving. But that improvement comes with setting aside a reasonable amount of time (I use two mornings a week to write a minimum of seven posts and then schedule them to be published later) to write.

I have become satisfied that every post does not have to be revolutionary. Some of us have a streak of perfectionism when it comes to writing. I was more academic minded than creative throughout my education. If it wasn’t going to get an A grade – why bother? But don’t be like that here on WordPress. Have fun! There are very few rules (except to be courteous with other bloggers) so explore your imagination and your writing style. Your blog can be anything you want pretty much.

My blog has been mainly about my personal life for most of the twenty months I have been blogging for. But now I have a taste for fiction. I am going to keep working on it. I never thought I had it in me to write an entire book. But now I think I have more.

wir.pngIf you are a new blogger – it will take a long time for statistics to blossom. Please don’t be discouraged. But do flock to these writing prompts and challenges. They are all like hubs within a fantastic community of bloggers and writers. Writing prompts are a great way to steadily challenge yourself and improve your writing and also to come into contact with some very fine and supportive bloggers.

Anyway…I am going to have my breakfast and head down to work! Twelve hour shift ahead of me. But already I have seen two writing prompts on WordPress, which I will be thinking of all day. The ideas that come in my quiet moments at work might appear in a short fictional story – coming soon on CARAMEL (LEARNER AT LOVE)!!!


What’s The Verdict?

So, now my family know all about Jack and me! What was the verdict?

Well, the overall consensus is that they are looking forward to seeing him. I think various members of my family have different reasons for wanting to see him. Some of my family like what they know of Jack. Others know he has always been special to me and are determined to love him on my account. I think my Dad is slightly baffled, and might want to interrogate Jack when he sees him.

But after the jury had considered the case, the judge pronounced the verdict: IT IS ME WHO IS GUILTY! OF LOVE IN THE FIRST DEGREE!!!