Calling Costa Rica

All day I have been thinking of a special someone who is currently “OUT OF OFFICE”. I won’t have any contact with them for a month. 😦 It will be hard to endure. Very hard.

On top of that I start to become insane with worry. I don’t worry about me. But I do worry about people I love. The thought of someone so special, so close to my heart being off grid for a whole month is hard. My mind is racing with all the possibilities of hazards and dangers that might befall my beloved.

Nature, Panoramic, Panorama, Landscape

So, I am calling out to all Costa Ricans to ask…if you come across an absolutely gorgeous man, with beautiful eyes, really stunning eyes, (and a very cute behind) and who speaks in such a charming and magnetic manner – please please please look after him. Keep him safe. Don’t let anything go wrong. He is very precious to me. So please make sure he has a great time out there in Costa Rica.

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