…A Note To Follow…

such fun!.jpgThe first time I heard the term “la” I was entranced. It was within a song that completely captivated me at the tender age of five, and has continued to enchant me ever since. On New Year’s Day, my gorgeous Jack humoured me by hosting me and some friends of ours for the BBC showing of “The Sound Of Music”. How I love him!

Jim Adams, aka Newepicauthor, the creator of A Unique Title For Me, is hosting SONG-LYRIC-SUNDAY and this week he has chosen the theme: LA. I could not really go without mentioning how I first discovered the “la” – could I?

gorgeous.jpgIs it embarrassing that at a moment’s notice I could sing the entire score of “The Sound Of Music”? As can most of my family and a core group of my friends I grew up with!

This particular track has wonderful scenes where they mix up the “Do-Re-Mi” theme and in delightful harmony an eruption of joyful singing cascades around the streets of Saltsburg. I know every word off by heart.

delightEven now, the thought of that gorgeous film makes happiness ripple through me! They just do not make films like they used to. But I don’t mind that. It is an utter pleasure to sit down and anticipate the opening bars from one of the most gorgeous films ever produced. (Although, I will admit, we do not stay on the sofa for long, we jump to our feet and sing and dance whenever impelled.)

Hollywood, although I despise you in so many ways, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for “The Sound Of Music”.

DO – a deer, a female deer
RE – a drop of golden sun
MI – a name, I call myself
FA – a long long way to run
SO – a needle pulling thread
LA – a note to follow SO
TI – a drink with jam and bread
That will bring us back to DO

Doe! – a deer, a female deer
Ray! – a drop of golden sun
Me! – a name I call myself
Far! – a long long way to run
Sew! – a needle pulling thread
La! – a note to follow SO
Tea – a drink with jam and bread
That would bring us back to DO!

Do, a deer, a female dear
RE, a drop of golden sun
MI, a name, I call myself
FA, a long long way to run
SO, a needle pulling thread
LA, a note to follow SO
TI, a drink with jam and bread
That would bring us back to DO…

Written By: Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein (2nd)

39 thoughts on “…A Note To Follow…”

    1. I watched it on BBC1 Wednesday afternoon with Jack, which I mentioned in a post.
      But then when I came home from work on Thursday night, I turned on the TV while I was eating my dinner and could not believe my eyes, the guide said that it was just about to start again on BBC4. There was nothing else remotely worth watching. So I watched the entire movie again. Loved every moment!

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  1. I can sing the songs from this film off by heart too (and regularly do in the kitchen, much to my son’s annoyance!!). You are right, happiness is the emotion that accompanies thoughts of this film and its memorable songs, dance routines and scenery. This musical is guaranteed to bring a very wide smile to my face and is definitely one of my Favourite Things. Thanks for brightening our day with this post.

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    1. It’s hard not to sing those gorgeous songs. They are so uplifting. And what I love about this film it that there is not just one, but a whole list of songs that make you feel great.
      When I flew out to Australia last summer, I decided to watch the movie on the onboard entertainment. It was so hard to watch it without being able to sing out loud along with Julie Andrews and co. I may have let a few notes out, but I don’t think other passengers would have been so keen on me entertaining them throughout the flight.

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    1. Ii was just clearing all my pending comments and I checked my spam folder There was a long list of comments from you. I don’t know how but WP must have decided you were a spammer.
      It has happened to me occasionally. When I go through stages of commenting a lot WP seems to think my comments are spam.

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      1. Funny enough I found a bunch of comments from Suze in *my* Spam folder just Saturday. Trouble is, I tend only to look at comments in my notifications window rather than the Comments tab.


    1. Years ago we took a group of older ladies (70-90s range) to the theatre to see “Sing-Along-The Sound Of Music”. It was the film on a huge screen with the lyrics on the bottom of the screen. The audience was allowed to sing along. But it was awful.

      We had no idea what it was going to be like beforehand. There were so many men dressed up as nuns or wearing lederhosen hot pants. The audience was so crazy and the older ladies we were with were shocked. We had to leave after half an hour. They were so disappointed. We took them to a nice restaurant to try to make up for the disappointment. We had a little sing along with them there.

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      1. Sorry to hear your group of ladies did not enjoy it. Perhaps it’s best to stick to impromptu sing-alongs at home in the kitchen with the traditional film on T. V.

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                1. He is laughing at me because I am trying to write a story in response to Teresa’s prompt for today…and it is not a genre I am familiar with at all. I think I should stick to rom coms and friendlier genres.

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                    1. Oh. It’s not my thing either – I hate horror.
                      But I know that you can do it.
                      Out of curiosity, and I’m not trying to be pushy or anything (please let me know if I am), how are you enjoying my book Zion so far?


                    2. I read Zion first. I have another of your books I still need to read. I think you have a third as well that I need to order.
                      I enjoy your writing very much.

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  2. The Sound of Music, the movie and musical, will always be classics. And Julie Andrews too! I have her most recent memoir on my reading queue for 2020. I am excited to learn what she wrote about.

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