A Perfect First Day

flat2.pngJack’s apartment is on the fourth floor (huge penthouse flat he shares with four other flatmates) and it has a lot of floor to ceiling windows. So we can see out onto the roads below. There were a lot of people jogging and walking today. A lot more than usual. I guess they are those who wanted to make a healthy start to the year. Perhaps they have made resolutions.

How did I start the day? We spent most of the morning in bed. I would not change that for the world. Why on earth would I want to leave Jack’s side to go out into the freezing air and go jogging around grey London streets? I don’t think so!!!

lunchI saw a couple of Jack’s flatmates when we did get up. I have not met them before. They both moved in around a year ago. Jack introduced saying, “this special lady is Melody” – which made me blush. We made ourselves a cooked breakfast, nothing to write home about (or to write a blog post about 🙂 ). Jack had a tin of baked beans, an onion, some eggs and some bread. So we cooked and ate that in the enormous kitchen dining room at the centre of the flat.

Then we headed back to Jack’s living room. He and I watched one of the most perfect films ever produced “The Sound Of Music”. I cannot tell you how happy I was. My favourite film with my favourite person. Tears were trickling over from my eyelids as the opening bars of Julie Andrew’s stunning opening number began.

cosyJack and I in bed all morning, eating a cooked breakfast and on the sofa all afternoon. Then I had to say goodbye and come back here because I am working tomorrow. But when I reached home, I discovered that there is a special edition of Masterchef: The Professionals, which I am watching while I am typing this post up. It’s so good. The chefs are just phenomenal.

I am going to have a glass of wine and then I am going to head to bed. I am happy. I have had a wonderful (if slightly lazy) day and to me it was a delightful way to start the year. I couldn’t ask for more.

What On Earth Will This Year Bring?

lifr2019 was one interesting year for moi. What drama! What a rollercoaster!

I spent the first few weeks of 2019 feeling lost without Goldfinch. Then I found out something spectacular. There was a reason I had been feeling sick for some time. I spent the next few weeks wondering how my life might change and wondering what little one would be like. Then a tragedy. Very sad, one of the saddest things I have ever experienced. My little apricot, Annabelle Jayne Goldfinch, rests up in Snowdonia now.

Being more determined than ever to go out to Australia to see Goldfinch, saving my pennies really hard to be able to afford the plane ticket. Going out there and feeling pure happiness to be by his side for the summer (Australia’s winter). Coming back feeling sad because I didn’t want to be without him. Feeling kind of lost again.

Couple Sitting at the TableThen…out of the blue…Jack making contact. Peace, joy, love. An amazing autumn with him. An autumn full of romantic weekends and just hanging out with someone who I always realized was as close to a soulmate as I was ever going to find. It has been so great being cocooned with him.

And now…my family (and his family of course) know that incredibly Jack and Caramel have healed their four year rift and are a couple! Our friends are now finding out too.

What a rollercoaster! What on earth will happen in 2020. Well, 2019 taught me something….IT REALLY REALLY COULD HAPPEN!

So I am going to live bravely…and live with gusto! Because I have no idea what might happen in the year ahead. So I want to be ready for it!