But…I Miss You

I know it’s not convenient. It’s 10,100 miles of inconvenience.

I know it’s not practical. It’s 10,100 miles of impracticalities.

I know it’s not straightforward. I am with someone else now.

But…I miss you, all the same.

My train was waiting for fifteen minutes at Coventry. I have no idea why it was waiting. Perhaps just to torture me with memories of how it felt to arrive there and run from the train up the steps and across the station to meet you. I was always so excited to arrive at Coventry.

But this time, I was just stuck on a London bound train, waiting at Coventry station for no obvious reason at all. I miss you terribly. I miss those train journeys to Coventry, all of the excitement of seeing you again.

I miss you…like the deserts miss the rain.

8 thoughts on “But…I Miss You”

    1. It can be. I was still very much in love with Goldfinch when Jack made contact with me. Even though I know Jack and I are perfect for each other and I am love him, and feel incredible happiness, I still have those strong feelings for Goldfinch. All I can do is be honest about them. Jack knows all about it. Goldfinch has been very supportive. I told him everything that happened from the moment Jack called me. He has made it clear he is happy for me. I still adore him though.

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