Burning Off Calories

pt.pngOh the mayhem that is our family hanging out during the winter bank holidays! So much fun! Games, epic hide and seek, karaoke and dancing. A lot of dancing. The little kids in our family absolutely love dancing.

A lamp was broken, but other than that, no casualties. A great time had by all. Nobody allowed to stay on the sofa. After all the yummy soup, lasagne and garlic bread, chilli and rice, cheesecake and trifle (yes that’s what we have been eating all week!) we made sure we burnt off the calories.

We kind of do things our own way. So much fun!!!

10 thoughts on “Burning Off Calories”

        1. I need today to recover I think. Jack is coming back to London tomorrow. So today is cleaning my little nest, catching up with my laundry and ironing, doing some food shopping and trying to rest up before the excitement of going out and about with Jack. Family now know, now it’s our friends who are going to have a surprise to see Jack and I holding hands!

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            1. On the whole it was good. There was some concern expressed though.
              Some of my family have questions for Jack. I am looking forward to taking him up there with me, but he will need to be prepared that although my family want to like him, they are confused.

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              1. I’m sure he will understand their concerns and handle their questions. It’s great that you can now be open with the people closest to you. I guess they just want what’s best for you. When they see you both together and know how much in love you are they’ll be reassured. 😊


    1. Thank you – the party never stops in my family! The little ones are crackers. They are all like tiny little pinballs that bounce around and bump into all the furniture in their way. They are such fun!

      Hope you have had a lovely time during the holidays and have lots to look forward to ahead!


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