Summer Loving

We interrupt this winter by declaring we would like summer to return, as soon as possible – PLEASE!

I want to be just as in love with Jack as I am now…next summer! I love summer. It’s very nice having cozy nights in and walks in autumnal woods with Jack.

annabelle2.jpgBut I actually want to be out there in the sun with him. Everyone will know by then. I want to be having picnics with him and hanging out with friends who invite us over for barbeques. I want to try boating with him and walking along beaches with him. I want to be up in the Lake District or North Wales hiking with him. I want to be eating ice-creams with him (dairy-free for me) and going swimming in Hampstead Lido with him.

Summer loving is so much more my thing than all the snuggling up on the sofa. Well…snuggling is always going to be nice. But I am such an outdoorsy person. I want to be outside living with Jack. By summer 2020, everyone will know, and I am going to enjoy it.

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