Where Is The Time Going?

tim1All I want, all I need…is TIME! This week is going to be intense. Everyone wants me to do extra. Today was busy. I am achy tired.

I have so much to do before I go away. It turns out that it’s probably a good thing that Jack is away. Except that I miss him of course!

Plus there is the time difference. Is New York five hours behind London? It was so late when he called me last night. So I was late to bed. I think I wasn’t firing on all cylinders today. I feel really groggy!

Aaaaah! It will all be over soon. One day over, four more busy days to go.

It’s not just me though, it it? I can tell that everyone in London is feeling short on time at the moment. Everyone I passed seemed to be rushing along. Time is so precious.

Anyway…I feel that the very best use of my time right now, would be to have a shower and climb into bed. Aaaaah – wish Jack was with me.


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