It Just Went Pop!

popA few days ago I seemed to dislocate my knee. I was bending at a funny angle to put a very heavy casserole dish in a drawer…and my knee just kind of popped out to the side. It felt weird, kind of painful, but by no means agonising.

Anyway…that night, it was painful even when I was horizontal in my bed. The next morning the pain seemed to have faded and I could walk as normal. But bending my knee was painful. Anyway, it has been five days now…and my knee keeps popping again.

I have been told to go to see my GP, but I am working right up until I go away, so I won’t have chance to. Someone told me that I need a practitioner to manipulate my knee. I am normally wary of manipulators, manipulation, someone manipulating me, but in this case, it sounds wonderful.

21 thoughts on “It Just Went Pop!”

    1. I couldn’t get an appointment in London, so when I was up in Wales, one of my siblings who is a doctor looked at my knee as did two of the physiotherapists in my family. There is no pain at all, but my knee does feel a bit strange.

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