You Have Been At The Center Of My Thoughts And I Have Loved Orbiting Around You

Today, I would like to talk about orbits, or orbiting. Are you are aware of your own orbit? Or that of other people in your life who orbit around you?


Perhaps you have a clear sense of your own orbit and that of others in your life. Incidentally, I once asked someone what it means to be “spiritual”, and they said that it is when your Creator is right at the center of your life and you orbit around Him. I thought that was beautiful. But of course it is a metaphor.

ladiesWhen there is someone at the center of your thoughts, someone you orbit around, make time for, plan for, make decisions in their favour, spend even more time thinking about than you are able to spend with them…your life course begins to alter slightly. It might be in small ways. For me, it affects my choice of clothes, the way I do fix my hair and makeup, the subjects I talk about with friends, the music I listen to, how strict I am about saving my spare cash.

Amazingly, the other person, the person who is now at the center of your thoughts, the one who you have begun to orbit around, may not even realize it! It all depends what or who is at the center of their thoughts! They may not be orbiting around you at all! Heart-breaking!

vanilla cheesecakeA while back I wrote a letter to someone who has been very special to me for over two years now. (If you have been reading my posts for a while, I am sure you can work out who!) I mentioned that I had been orbiting around him for some time. I changed my job to spend more time with him, I bought lovely dresses, I made a fuss of my hair and make-up. I saved up really hard to be able to afford to travel to see him and to buy him gifts and cook delicious food for him.

But no matter how much effort you put in, no matter how great your hair looks, no matter how much you dress up for someone, no matter how many cakes you bake…there is no handle on the outside of the human heart. They have to choose to let you in…to draw you in like gravity and allow you a closer orbit.

orbs.gifI loved orbiting around him! But I was frustrated by something. The distance, not just geographically, in other ways too. I admitted in that letter I wrote, that I felt like Pluto (not the dog) over three billion miles away with an agonizing long orbit. I desperately wanted to be closer, closer in every way, not just geographically.

He has been at the center of my thoughts, at the core of me, at the center of my life and I absolutely loved orbiting around him! It made me very happy. My only wish was that I had been closer.

5 thoughts on “You Have Been At The Center Of My Thoughts And I Have Loved Orbiting Around You

  1. Yes, I felt you were giving him so much. I too had a relationship like that, right after my marriage ended, and it also was very good for me in that he helped me regain so much self-confidence. He was nearby, and yet we were not “close” because he had a full life already and ultimately was uninterested in starting over with me. I was just a fun distraction for him, and he enjoyed helping me feel better. I had to move on too.

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    1. I don’t think I was ready to stop giving to Goldfinch. To be honest, I don’t feel even now that I am anywhere near ready to stop giving to him. I love him very much.
      But I love Jack. I am perfect for Jack. I am not perfect for Goldfinch.

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