A Whole Year

decisionsI was at work the other day, during a quiet spell. We found we were up to date with all our work, so we had a chat, getting to each other better. I found I couldn’t stop talking to my colleague about Goldfinch. I was overjoyed relating some of the joyful experiences that I shared with him, sharing some of the wonderful memories he has left me with.

I am not sure I can write a post right now. I don’t have it in me. But I miss him. I miss him so much!

Him being on the other side of the planet is a good thing really. I am building a life with Jack from now on. I have been very blessed of late. A wonderful Australian man who came into my life out of the blue, and helped heal this bruised heart of mine. And now, stronger hearted, I have Jack back. Wonderful Jack, who perhaps I wasn’t ready for in the past.

A lot can happen in a year. I wish for Goldfinch always to be a part of my life.

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