She Loves Him

watch.pngThis Sunday is working well. Jack is laughing and laughing while watching Madagascar Escape 2 Africa…and I am fussing around him. Something I made is baking in the oven. and now I am about to do my ironing. It’s one of those soggy Sundays when we are very happy to be indoors in the warm. I love fussing over him. I love just hanging out with him. Happy happy happy feelings.

We want to go for a walk later for some fresh air, but most of the evening will be cosy, the two of us making dents in my sofa.

MotoMoto is making me laugh so much! King Julian is making Jack cry with laughter.

2 thoughts on “She Loves Him”

    1. I love them too. I love MotoMoto. I love the penguins and King Julian. The main characters are great too, but all the extras are just so clever and so funny. I remember around a year ago watching The Penguins movie with my mum, I laughed and laughed, and my mum did too. Normally she would never dream of watching a cartoon film, but she wanted to be with me and she just loved it.


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