I Have Been Star Gazing

The main difference between summer and winter for me is the amount of light and dark. I prefer summer. I love long days. I love leaving the little nest at five o’clock in the morning and walking out into a fresh morning with a blue sky. I love sitting with friends down by the river drinking until late at night.

he and me.jpgBut in the winter…it’s the starry sky that is the highlight for me. He has been taking me away from London, not a long way out of London, but enough to make a difference to the night sky.

There is a lot of light pollution in London. My heart lifts when I am walking home and can make out the constellation of Orion. It can be hard to make out the stars in the city. We were staying near the coast recently. He went out to the car to fetch some things. He called my name and invited me to join him. It was freezing despite wearing my woolies.

he and me1With his arms around me and him kissing the back of my head, I gazed up at the stars – let me tell you – they looked more exquisitely magnificent than I can remember seeing them in a long time. We stayed out there in the cold, until I could no longer feel any of my limbs. He took pleasure in raising my temperature once we were back indoors.

Aaaaaah – sigh! Was gazing up at the stars always so wonderful? I have gazed many times, but being with him really does seem to make them sparkle more! Are they more special now that he and I have made peace? Is the universe just a bit happier to see us together at last?

Always make time to gaze up at the stars my friends. It does something to you, somewhere deep down. It’s hard to describe, but it is so much better than detoxing or pilates.

Dear Stuart

Man and Woman Couple Wearing Their Silver Couple Bond Ring

I know

Well, I think I know

I understand

Well, I think I understand

It’s alright

If you are alright, then I am alright

We’re at peace

If you are at peace, then I am at peace

I wondered

From the start I admit I wondered

The clues

I’m not great with cryptic clues

Your journey

I am here beside you on your journey

Your honesty

To be honest, I am moved by your honesty

These secrets

That we share, they’ll remain secrets

The trust

We shared, is something you can trust

These questions

I’ve been asking, you’ve answered my questions

My love

For you has changed, it’s a different kind of love

This friendship

I won’t abandon, for we all need special friends

This bosom

Deep within, you still rest here in this bosom

Party Like A Rock Star

lika rocksatr.jpgSo I was chatting with someone the other day. Very mellow kind of person, but I worry overly-timid. He has every reason to be confident, but I can see in the way he holds himself, there is an awkwardness there.

Anyway…he was telling me he had been invited to go to a party and he did not want to go. I asked him why not. He described the party to me. There will be no alcohol he mentioned, there will be music and dancing, there will be food, real food, there will be a lot of people. Well…I was confused, that sounds like a great party to me!

neffyPoor dear, he explained he has to go to the party, it’s not something he can excuse himself from without upsetting family. So I kept giving him tips, on how to be at a party, encouraging him to take a positive view. I explained there are bound to be more women there. There are always more women at parties. I told him they will have made the effort to dress up and will want to have a great time. It should be easy for a man. He only has to stand around, and mutter a little and smile. He should not be shy and stand in the corner. He should be gallant, start conversations, offer to get drinks, be willing to dance. I don’t understand how he can go wrong. Anyone can party if they really want to!

peerpsI could see that whatever I said to him was not working. He just kept on pulling faces. Oh, he needs someone like “Jack” to teach him how it is done! Anyway, I gave up in the end. If he doesn’t want to enjoy the party – he won’t. My last words before we parted were: “Have a great time and remember PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR!!”

Anyway, it’s his choice. He says he will go, I just want him to choose to enjoy it and have a good time. But that’s up to him. All we can do is hope he remembers all of my helpful advice! Just get out there and the floor and party like I showed you!

I Can’t Help Myself

Child, Eating, Cake, Yummy, CherryAs someone who loves broccoli and loves cheese (despite my dairy intolerance) I am contemplating trying to wangle myself an invite over to Jim’s house for dinner. Jim Adams, aka Newepicauthor, the creator of both “Green Cheese” and also A Unique Title For Me, is hosting SONG-LYRIC-SUNDAY and this week he has chosen the theme:


Well…is it it just me, or do you feel hungry after today’s SONG-LYRIC-SUNDAY choices?

I thought of a second song to add to the banquet of songs we have had today. It certainly fits into the “dessert” category.

When I was a child, we always expected some kind of pudding after lunch and dinner. That was usually some fruit or a biscuit or a fruity yoghurt. On a Sunday, it would be a real treat though, trifle or gateaux. Yum! We always left the dinner table on a sweet note. We were told we had to finish our main meal if we wanted some dessert.

shall iBut as an adult, desserts are a no-no in general. Although I always enjoy them on special occasions or when I am a guest at someone else’s dinner party.

I do love making desserts for other people though! I have a very sweet tooth, and I have to stay away from them because…”ONCE ON THE LIPS, FOREVER ON THE HIPS!”

Anyway…I love all desserts. I don’t think I ever tried a dessert I didn’t like! This song captures exactly how I feel towards puddings. It it of course The Four Tops, I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)

Be good! Be grateful! Eat your greens.

Always save room for dessert!!!

Ooh, sugar pie, honey bunch
You know that I love you
I can’t help myself
I love you and nobody else

In and out my life (In and out my life)
You come and you go (You come and you go)
Leaving just your picture behind (Ooh)
And I’ve kissed it a thousand times (Ooh)

When you snap your finger or wink your eye
I come a-running to you
I’m tied to your apron strings
And there’s nothing that I can do, ooh

I can’t help myself
No, I can’t help myself

‘Cause sugar pie, honey bunch (Sugar pie, honey bunch)
I’m weaker than a man should be
I can’t help myself
I’m a fool in love, you see

Wanna tell you I don’t love you
Tell you that we’re through and I try
But every time I see your face (Can’t help myself)
I get all choked up inside

When I call your name
Girl, it starts to flame (Burning in my heart, tearing it all apart)
No matter how I try
My love I cannot hide

‘Cause sugar pie, honey bunch (Sugar pie, honey bunch)
You know that I’m waiting for you (Waiting for you)
I can’t help myself
I love you and nobody else, ooh

Sugar pie, honey bunch (Sugar pie, honey bunch)
I’d do anything you ask me to (Ask me to)
I can’t help myself
I want you and nobody else, ooh

Sugar pie, honey bunch (Sugar pie, honey bunch)
You know that I love you (Love you)
I can’t help myself
No, I can’t help myself, ooh

Sugar pie, honey bunch (Sugar pie, honey bunch)
You know that I love you

Written By: Brian Holland and Lamont Dozier


English Country Lanes

meadowPull over. Just here, near the hedge. Take me up, as if I were as light as a feather. Wade into the heart of yonder meadow, while you carry me in your arms.

Send my pulse racing with the wild romance and earthy lust of it all. Intoxicate me with your spontaneous bursts of joyful love.

Sink down to your knees into the dry grasses and perfumed wildflowers, laying me gently down upon the sun kissed flax.

Take me. Take me to the stars. Take me round the world with you and back again. Take me in ways I have never known. Take me back and take me forth and never let me go.

This Feelin’ That Won’t Subside

Jim Adams, aka Newepicauthor, the creator of A Unique Title For Me, is hosting SONG-LYRIC-SUNDAY and this week he has chosen the theme:


roastI will be interested to see if anyone features any songs about a turkey today.

Jack has confused me. We looked at Jim’s themes a while ago and he made a bunch of suggestions. I have a habit of starting posts with the video and lyrics and then finishing the post later when I have time. But when I looked through my drafts folder it was really hard to match which song was for which week’s theme.

dinner chat.jpgThe song that I am featuring today might possibly have been Jack’s choice for next week’s theme. But I can’t find anything in my drafts folder that links with today’s theme. So as this song definitely mentions “HUNGRY” throughout the chorus…we are gonna roll with it.

Like many others, it instantly makes me think of the film “Dirty Dancing” – (“I carried a watermelon”!), but it also brings back another memory. Jack went through a phase of singing this song all the time, but especially at dinner parties. People loved it. We’d all be sitting around the dinner table…and he would start:

I’ve got this feelin’ that won’t subside
I look at you and I fantasize
You’re mine tonight
Now I’ve got you in my sights

With these hungry eyes
One look at you and I can’t disguise
I’ve got hungry eyes
I feel the magic between you and I

Love him! Did I mention that lately? Now, I just need him to go through my drafts folder with me and tell me which song is for which week’s SONG-LYRIC-SUNDAY theme.

I’ve been meaning to tell you
I’ve got this feelin’ that won’t subside
I look at you and I fantasize
You’re mine tonight
Now I’ve got you in my sights

With these hungry eyes
One look at you and I can’t disguise
I’ve got hungry eyes
I feel the magic between you and I

I wanna hold you so hear me out
I wanna show you what love’s all about
Darlin’ tonight
Now I’ve got you in my sights

With these hungry eyes
One look at you and I can’t disguise
I’ve got hungry eyes
I feel the magic between you and I

Now I’ve got you in my sights
With these hungry eyes
Now did I take you by surprise
I need you to see
This love was meant to be

With these hungry eyes
One look at you and I can’t disguise
I’ve got hungry eyes
I feel the magic between you and I

Now I’ve got you in my sights
With these hungry eyes
Now did i take you by surprise
I need you to see
This love was meant to be.

I got Hungry Eyes

Written By: John DeNicola and Franke Previte

Waiting For Jack

Jack is a man in demand. He is often busy with functions and events on a Saturday evening.

truth or dareI am usually busy during the day time on a Saturday. But in the evening, rather than heading out with friends, I have found I am eager to be home.

I can hardly contain my excitement that Jack will be coming over. I usually have a quick tidy up, have a shower and a rest and keep checking my phone in case he thinks he can get here sooner rather than later. But it is almost always after midnight that he arrives.

Key, Heart, Love, For Two, MarryI wish I could give him spare keys. But I would have to get permission from my landlords to have a keys cut for him. I don’t think they would be keen. And in all honesty, I don’t think I trust him. When we lived together, he would be frequently be grumbling that he had lost his keys – although I don’t think he ever really lost them, he just didn’t know where he had put them down.

Meantime, I am wide awake waiting, so thrilled that he is going to come to me. I waited over four years for Jack. Surely I can wait another hour or so without losing heart.

Hearts And Souls

annie asleep swissWhile I have had a horrible cold/chest infection type thing…I have discovered the delicious habit of daytime napping. It’s such a hard habit to break now! I have long days at work though so I won’t be able to have an afternoon snooze. Then a weekend ahead with Jack 🙂

But enough of the updates with my sniffling and coughing…it is is time for SHARE-YOUR-WORLD! Melanie, the creator of sparksfromacombustiblemind, has given us some wonderful questions this week, as you can see from her original post blow:


Can we ever experience anything objectively?  Why or why not?  (Now for the people who may not understand that idea, this is what objective means (definition wise):  Something that is not influenced by personal feelings or opinions).

objective.pngWe are all unique. We have all seen things through our own eyes, heard things through our own ears, and they have helped us form opinions, ideals and values. We have an individual outlook. Our heart or inner person is made up of our thoughts and feelings and reasonings. In fact, each week when bloggers answer Melanie’s SHARE-YOUR-WORLD questions, it’s interesting to see each of us reveal the secret person of the heart.

We have been shaped by our life experience and by millions upon millions of images and sounds we have taken in and a vast amount of information. When we form an opinion or make a decision, we are usually doing so because of previous experience we have on that subject or issue.

quicksand.pngIt can be challenging at times not to be ruled over by our own heart. In fact some people say “you should listen to your heart”. It can take effort and humility to recognise that often our own hearts are not to be trusted. They may veer us off onto a path that leads nowhere, or into quicksand.

If I followed my heart… I would be in huge trouble! We humans generally need help (and it’s wise to be selective in who to turn to for help) from those with experience, understanding and a balanced view of many issues and areas of life.

discussion.pngIt is absolutely fine that we have our own natural (or learnt) inclinations. We may be inclined to think, feel, view things a certain way. But it is beneficial to seek the views of others who have proved wise by their lifecourse. It is to our advantage to listen humbly to others who present clear reasoning and evidence.

Not everyone believes in a Creator, but for those that do, it is wise to seek His view of matters.

Do humans have a soul? Do animals have a soul?

ancientsOh I know this one. It’s a bit of a trick question isn’t it? There’s a lot of ancient Greek philosophy that you have to reject for the scriptures to read clearly. A lot of modern Christian denominations still try to interpret the scriptures through those ancient Greek teachings which result in what can seem very confusing and contradictory.

The answer is no…because the Hebrew and Greek words within the scriptures rendered “soul” in English refers to a breathing creature or a living being. In other words humans and animals are actually souls. They do not have souls. They are in themselves souls. The soul refers to the whole creature, not something separate from the body. The soul is the entire creature.

According to the scriptures a soul can eat, desire food, work and die. In the account of the creation of the first human, Adam, the scriptures state that he became a soul, not that he came to have a soul. He became a living breathing creature – a soul.

There is the potential to make this answer very very long. I shall move along to the next question.

At this point I have that T’Pau song going round my head:

Why are people told to respect the dead? (example: “Don’t speak ill of the dead”)

I am not sure how this saying originated. Possibly in some false idea that the dead were conscious and aware of what was said about them. But I like to think of the subject this way:

not so nice.pngSuppose one of your workmate is absent from work due to illness or an accident. While your colleague is away, other members of the team speak badly about them. They insinuate bad motives to the person who is absent, they recollect all of the mistakes that person has made, and assert that they are a neglectful, sloppy, and don’t contribute to the team. Then it gets even more personal. Someone accuses the absent member of staff of stealing from the petty cash, flirting with the boss and bullying junior members of staff. Maybe some of that information is true, maybe it is false. The person is absent, so they cannot defend themselves or clear up any accusations.

So when your colleague is back at work – what if someone tells them what others had to say about them in their absence? How would they feel?

asleep1Those who have died, they are absent at the moment. They are asleep. Our Creator remembers every intricate detail about them and is keeping them safe in His memory. Those who have died are not breathing at the moment, they are not conscious of anything at all. But that state is not permanent. Our Creator has promised that He will resurrect humans who have suffered the consequences of Adam’s rebellion.

awakeThanks to our Creator, death (as a consequence of our inheritance from Adam) is only a temporary state. Those who have died will soon be back with us, strong and healthy again. While it may be true that they made mistakes and did things that were wrong while they were alive, they died. Some in fact may have made very serious mistakes. But they wake up with a clean slate. A second chance to make better decisions under a truly just and fair rulership.  A chance to live a better life. Of course they will have to choose to do good in order to thrive in the future, for under God’s Kingdom, only those who want to do good are going to flourish.

That leads nicely into the next question.

Without using the names of specific people, discuss “the ideal” President or other world leader.

ruler.pngI am going to stay out of politics…but let’s put some rose tinted spectacles on and presume that some politicians are genuinely motivated. The truth is that even if there was an imperfect human ruler who seemed sincere, who seemed to care, who wanted to bring changes – they simply do not have the power.

There is no human ruler, no human government that can care for all subjects fairly. There are thousands of years of human history to confirm that man is not qualified to rule himself – all sorts of governments, all sorts of rulers. Human rulership is grossly inadequate.

worldThis world is infested with problems and issues – complicated issues that take up countless hours and hours in judicial rulings and political debates. When issues are thrown out to democratic votes or referendums – even more division and anger can result. Currently we live in a fragile unstable political climate with some minority governments struggling to get anything done. But that is no surprise. That is exactly how three thousand years ago the scriptures described human rulerships just before they are gone for good. How human rulership will end is also described in the scriptures.

We need a ruler who is strong, incorruptible, impartial and trustworthy. A ruler who deeply loves humans, loves our planet and it’s beautiful creatures. A ruler with the wisdom and power to rule mankind.

In his days the righteous will flourish, And peace will abound until the moon is no more… For he will rescue the poor who cry for help, Also the lowly one and whoever has no helper. He will have pity on the lowly and the poor, And the lives of the poor he will save. From oppression and from violence he will rescue them, And their blood will be precious in his eyes. – PSALM 72:7, 12-14

The spirit of wisdom and of understanding, The spirit of counsel and of mightiness… He will not judge by what appears to his eyes, Nor reprove simply according to what his ears hear. He will judge the lowly with fairness, And with uprightness he will give reproof in behalf of the meek ones of the earth… Righteousness will be the belt around his waist, And faithfulness the belt of his hips. – ISAIAH 11:2-5

flezBack at the beginning of human history, the goodness of our Creator’s rulership was questioned. Note that the challenge to our Creator’s rulership was not whether He had the power to rule, but the righteousness of His rule. So, when human governments end, it’s not just going to be a matter of our Creator “flexing his muscles”. He will act because of the serious act of injustice that human rulers will try to commit. He will act because it will be right and just and loving to. There will be no question over the legality of His actions.

The accusation back in Eden was made that intelligent creatures were better off ruling themselves. His enemy accused our Creator of withholding good from humans. What do you think? Can humans successfully rule themselves without causing injury and harm to many people, animals and our environment?

Since Adam’s rebellion, the entire theme of the scriptures was how the accusations against our Creator would be proved false, how the damage would be undone by means of a government He would establish.

4e0bd-EdynRUBYEaster12After wisely allowing the issue of whether humans could rule themselves to be answered, our Creator’s original purpose would be fulfilled, by means of His own government, with His own son as the appointed King of God’s Kingdom. That government will undo all of the damage and allow all to heal. Billions have prayed in harmony with the model prayer that Jesus taught:

Let your Kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also on earth. – MATTHEW 6:10

Soon our earth and all of its inhabitants will thrive – under the righteous, loving and unfailing rulership that has been provided by our Creator.


Share your gratitude!  Stories, images or thoughts all welcome.

wt.jpgWell…right now, I am feeling very grateful to the many courageous men and women like William Tyndale. Men and women who risked their lives and worked so hard to make it possible for you and I to pick up the scriptures and read them for ourselves in our mother tongue. Men like him were viciously opposed, particularly by powerful clergy. Why? Because if people could read the scriptures in their own language, they would see that the clergy were not teaching God’s Word at all.

There are many many millions of books that have been printed or published electronically, there are millions of blogs I believe, but all of them are vastly inferior to the scriptures. There is nowhere else that you will learn the truth about the meaning of the term “soul”, about what hope there is for those who have died, about why humans suffer so much now, and about how our Creator will repair all of this damage by means of a truly righteous rulership. The scriptures are a very personal letter to you from your Creator. Read it in your own language. Your Creator has made sure that His word has survived despite huge opposition and has been translated into thousands of languages.

read2.pngTimes are changing rapidly. Soon all of mankind will face an issue far more important than any general election. There will be a lot of manifestos and political propaganda floating around. You will hear politicians making a lot of promises which you likely realize are empty. Contrast that with the manifesto for God’s Kingdom. Read the scriptures objectively and find out how our Creator views this earth and all of it’s creatures. Learn what He will do to solve the problems that human rulers will never be able to.