Tiny Pink Flutters

Only you…only you, who knows my name.

Will it always be this way? Do you want me to keep reading in between the lines? Looking out for clues meant for me only? Or will there be a direct heart to heart?

You have said enough for me to never ask any awkward questions. But it would be joyful to share a something with you. A secret something perhaps. Lines we never need to cross. Questions we never need to ask. A secret code for only you and I.

Wall, Brick, Grafitti, Window, Love, Couple, Balloons

I don’t need an explanation. But perhaps I do need an invitation. Do you want me to watch over you on your journey? Do you want me to be that listening ear that is rooting for you? Do you want me to offer my hand should you fall again? Do you want to rest on my shoulder and weep a while? Or shall we just run, run like children through golden sun-kissed fields?

I don’t want to cause trouble. But if you want me to take your hand and follow you on your journey, I am here.

Tiny pink flutters marching through me.




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