Thank You For Your Patience

This year 2019 – I have had much to be thankful for. Indeed I am so grateful for the wonderful that has happened, it has fueled a long long list of posts expressing my excitement and astonishment at times.

thanksBesides the spectacular events of this year 2019, I have all the wonderful that I have had for many years – a gorgeous and loving family, friends who are fun and supportive and delightful, a sweet home, and although my possessions are very few, I know I have more than I need of everything. I was thinking of turning this post into a long list of everything I am thankful for, but I have already read a hundred posts from other bloggers like that, and so I thought I would mention something else I have turned out to be thankful for.

I have mentioned in other posts that I have had this cold/chest infection…it’s almost three weeks since it started and I am still coughing. Anyway, it has turned out to be very helpful. Why? – you may ask.

typisWell…you may know that I have been writing my very first long fiction project. My series about Annabelle Riley. I think there are over eighty sections so far. I never expected it to be this long. Since I began Annabelle’s story I have been wondering how it was going to end. I am going to say something that I am hoping you will understand: SO MUCH OF HER STORY HAS WRITTEN ITSELF. It just kept on flowing out of me. But how would it end? I did not know for a long time.

I thought I had finished her story. On Monday I will publish a part called “Contentment”. That was supposed to be the end of the story. But although it is a nice section, it didn’t feel right. I knew that was not the end. The problem I was having was, I have been so happy in myself for weeks (ever since Jack invaded my life) that I couldn’t get my head into gear to work on a more realistic ending to the story.

Then I developed this yucky gunky cold/chest infection. It was just what I needed! I have felt so exhausted and weak while I have been ill, that I finally was able to think about the battle that Annabelle has been fighting for years. She may have had some positive developments in her life, but I realized that just because her life was going well, it didn’t mean that she was better.

So finally, I realized that there had to an unexpected twist to her story. I also needed to concentrate on the relationships she has with Robin and Chris. Throughout the story, I was wondering how the relationships between them were developing and why. But the twist in Annabelle’s story, puts a new perspective on those relationships.

fighters.pngI found that this stinking cold lasting so long has helped me think more realistically about the challenge that Annabelle faces. I am thrilled with finally being able to bring her story to completion and to leave it without too many loose ends. I am hoping now you will feel the story ends on a positive but realistic note.

I started writing this story at the end of July and I believe that when it is finished there are around one hundred parts! One hundred parts! Crazy! I have loved developing characters, letting dialogue lead the story, and imagining how a young woman with a mental health issue that she has been trying to hide for years would progress, as the people she loves and that love her, appeal to her not to give up.

Woman With Orange Petaled Flower on Her LipsI am proud of Annabelle Riley! And thanks to this persistent cold, I am especially proud of the end of her story!

Thank you for your patience as I have weaved my way through her story. Thank you for all of the amazing support and encouragement from all of you who have read, liked and posted wonderful comments. I have been so touched by those comments and it has impelled me to try to do Annabelle justice and make sure that her story ends on a real but rewarding note.

There are about twelve parts scheduled to be published, bringing Annabelle’s story to an end. I even have a section exclusively for her series within the menu section on my blog. It is called “ANNABELLE RILEY – LEARNER AT LOVE”, which I find a very tempting title for her story. I really hope you enjoy the way her story ends.


This was my response to the writing prompt from Sarah Elizabeth Moore

12 thoughts on “Thank You For Your Patience”

  1. I’m sorry you’ve been suffering with a yucky chest infection, but I have enjoyed the story so much. It’s inspired me to continue on with my two series as well. I still think that Anabelle’s story is worthy of being assembled into a book. It’s super easy! Email me if you like and I can help.


    1. Thank you so much Paula!
      It’s amazing how being ill helped me get in the right frame of mind.
      I would love help. I do feel that I would love to see her story in a book form.
      I have zero expectations, it would just be so satisfying and I am sure my family would be chuffed to bits.
      But I have no idea at all how to go about it.
      I have read the experiences of a lot of other bloggers, and they seem more discouraging than encouraging in all honesty.

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  2. Well done for completing it. It is not something that I followed, just because I decided when I started that I wanted to limit my time on WordPress. Plus, I suppose there is an element of having always preferred non-fiction to fiction. That said, a big accomplishment. I hope you’re proud of yourself. Are you going to do any more with this? And, have you thought what the next project is?


    1. I have two ideas. One of them is the story of a young woman who moves from a European country where she can’t find work, to England. She comes hoping to find work, and hopefully love. She has lots of self-esteem issues. She is a bit of a perfectionist, and although her employers value her work, they take advantage. She has disappointments when it comes to friends and doesn’t seem to have any success at meeting anyone special. She deals with homesickness, and all sorts of other challenges. When she goes home, she senses she does not fit in back in her home town any more. Her family have changed, her friends have moved on.
      In addition, because the backdrop is that some people are becoming more vocal in their political opinions she wonders if she will ever be able to find a sense of home.
      I have several friends who have inspired the idea, and I am already harvesting all sorts of ideas from conversations I have had with them to develop my character. I just don’t know how much time I will have to work on it.

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      1. Yes it does take up more time than you first anticipate, doesn’t it? I’ve started keeping a list of things I want to write about, one day. But it sounds like you have a fair idea of the story – you could always wait until you have several parts in the bag, before you publish anything, just to give yourself a little extra time.


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