Party Like A Rock Star

lika rocksatr.jpgSo I was chatting with someone the other day. Very mellow kind of person, but I worry overly-timid. He has every reason to be confident, but I can see in the way he holds himself, there is an awkwardness there.

Anyway…he was telling me he had been invited to go to a party and he did not want to go. I asked him why not. He described the party to me. There will be no alcohol he mentioned, there will be music and dancing, there will be food, real food, there will be a lot of people. Well…I was confused, that sounds like a great party to me!

neffyPoor dear, he explained he has to go to the party, it’s not something he can excuse himself from without upsetting family. So I kept giving him tips, on how to be at a party, encouraging him to take a positive view. I explained there are bound to be more women there. There are always more women at parties. I told him they will have made the effort to dress up and will want to have a great time. It should be easy for a man. He only has to stand around, and mutter a little and smile. He should not be shy and stand in the corner. He should be gallant, start conversations, offer to get drinks, be willing to dance. I don’t understand how he can go wrong. Anyone can party if they really want to!

peerpsI could see that whatever I said to him was not working. He just kept on pulling faces. Oh, he needs someone like “Jack” to teach him how it is done! Anyway, I gave up in the end. If he doesn’t want to enjoy the party – he won’t. My last words before we parted were: “Have a great time and remember PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR!!”

Anyway, it’s his choice. He says he will go, I just want him to choose to enjoy it and have a good time. But that’s up to him. All we can do is hope he remembers all of my helpful advice! Just get out there and the floor and party like I showed you!

8 thoughts on “Party Like A Rock Star”

        1. Still alcohol is not part of his culture.
          I have always enjoyed alcohol free parties more than those with booze. But maybe that’s because the people I have partied with have been volunteers. None of us could afford alcohol. We would put our glad rags on and use one of the function rooms and have music and karaoke or dance. There was a ready made sound system and we could play with the lighting. One thing we did have was a lot of energy.

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  1. I don’t like those kind of parties either, as there isn’t really any opportunity for meaningful conversation, since it’s so loud. You just flit around making superficial chat.


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