Dear Stuart

Man and Woman Couple Wearing Their Silver Couple Bond Ring

I know

Well, I think I know

I understand

Well, I think I understand

It’s alright

If you are alright, then I am alright

We’re at peace

If you are at peace, then I am at peace

I wondered

From the start I admit I wondered

The clues

I’m not great with cryptic clues

Your journey

I am here beside you on your journey

Your honesty

To be honest, I am moved by your honesty

These secrets

That we share, they’ll remain secrets

The trust

We shared, is something you can trust

These questions

I’ve been asking, you’ve answered my questions

My love

For you has changed, it’s a different kind of love

This friendship

I won’t abandon, for we all need special friends

This bosom

Deep within, you still rest here in this bosom

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