Waiting For Jack

Jack is a man in demand. He is often busy with functions and events on a Saturday evening.

truth or dareI am usually busy during the day time on a Saturday. But in the evening, rather than heading out with friends, I have found I am eager to be home.

I can hardly contain my excitement that Jack will be coming over. I usually have a quick tidy up, have a shower and a rest and keep checking my phone in case he thinks he can get here sooner rather than later. But it is almost always after midnight that he arrives.

Key, Heart, Love, For Two, MarryI wish I could give him spare keys. But I would have to get permission from my landlords to have a keys cut for him. I don’t think they would be keen. And in all honesty, I don’t think I trust him. When we lived together, he would be frequently be grumbling that he had lost his keys – although I don’t think he ever really lost them, he just didn’t know where he had put them down.

Meantime, I am wide awake waiting, so thrilled that he is going to come to me. I waited over four years for Jack. Surely I can wait another hour or so without losing heart.

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