Scheduled Naps


Of late, I have re-discovered the joys of afternoon napping.

I don’t like being ill, but afternoon naps are sweet! So are early bedtimes and lazy mornings. I am so glad that I only have to work for five hours today. By the time I am home, it will time for Masterchef and then another early bed time for me.

At some point this insane coughing has to stop. Jack said I should drink whisky to burn it off. I can’t stand whisky, but I feel as if there has to be a substance that will dissolve whatever it is that is stuck in my chest – (I have already had a bottle and a half of guaifenesin, it’s not shifting it).

I love sleep.

7 thoughts on “Scheduled Naps

    1. I only remember having vodka once (although I may have had it in cocktails and not realized)… it did not suit me.
      I don’t mind a rum toddy, but I am not great with spirits unless they are drowned with coke or lemonade.
      I was in the supermarket the other night looking ar Tennessee whisky with honey. It looked just the thing to cure a cold, but it was more money than I wanted to pay out for something I don’t think I will like.

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      1. No, I don’t bother drinking any more. Kids are great for learning to stay at home! I used to go for Malibu and coke, but only really after I’d had my fill of beer. Even the thought of it sounds discustingly sweet now – gimme a pint of steaming tea any day 🙂


    1. 🙂 I never understood why England didn’t adopt siestas from our European neighbours. I think siestas are a fantastic idea.
      Jack is coming over, he is at a function this evening, but he said he will bring something down for me. I don’t know if it will be whisky or not, but that’s what he thought would help.


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