grrrrAlmost two weeks have passed. Burt, Pearl and Chris are back in Blackwood. The honeymoon is almost over for Robin and Annabelle. Will Annabelle end up with a fairytale ending? Will all he dreams come true?

Well…in this post, I mention a song, called “She Dreams”, that has been a recurring theme in this story. I mentioned it these posts: Goodbyes, Relief, Research and Research. Well, Robin has been dwelling on the lyrics that Dean Mathers wrote about Annabelle. If you want to look at at of those posts to be reminded of what it is about, it might make more sense of this part and the next part of Annabelle’s story.

These are the previous parts of Annabelle’s story:

hols sandsal“I told you that you wouldn’t need to worry about shoes.”

Annabelle glanced at Robin, “Well in the evenings when the pavements are cold, these sandals have been useful, and walking to and from the beach. If you’d had to give me piggy backs everyday, you would have been grumbling at me.”

Robin was playing with Annabelle’s fingers playfully, “I wouldn’t have minded if we had skipped the beach and the restaurants. I would have been happy just to stay in the hotel room for the whole time we’ve been here.”

Annabelle laughed, “If you still have the same energy in the bedroom when you are one hundred, I am going to be in serious need of a pacemaker.”

“Look at the sky Belle, isn’t it stunning!”

Annabelle held Robin’s hands tightly as she turned her head to look over at the sun setting into the sea. She felt those familiar ripples of joy in her stomach that had arrived a fortnight ago.

mealThe waiter approached the table with the dishes they had ordered. Annabelle eagerly scooped up some hummus onto some of the bread and balanced a couple of olives on the edge before she took large bight. Robin breathed in the aromas coming from the kleftiko.

“Who would have thought the food would be so amazing here?” Annabelle declared.

“Did Mildew never play in Greece?”

“Nope. I think there was talk of a show in Athens, but it never happened for some reason. If anybody had told me about the food out here, I would have pressured Dean and made sure they had come here.”

“I’m glad to have brought you somewhere you have never been,” smiled Robin. Gazing at her, he asked in a low voice, “Are you happy Belle?”

pearl3“Are you happy Pearl?”

“I can’t stop smiling Burt. I’m so pleased for Christopher too.”

Burt sipped the tea he had just poured out, “Before today, I haven’t seen him smile since before Annabelle’s wedding. I do wonder what she is going to think though. I think she’ll be surprised.”

Pearl seemed assured, “I think she will be pleased Burt. But Chris has said not to say a word to Annabelle.”

“Well, she’s still out on her honeymoon. I’m sure she won’t know anything about it for a while. It’s good to see Chris busy again. I think work was quiet at the start of the year. Now he has plenty to keep him distracted.”

“I’m so pleased to see him happy. I was worried that he wouldn’t get over Annabelle.”

“He needs to have his own dreams, without her being part of them.” Burt was contemplating the news Chris had shared with him and Pearl that day, “Still it’s early days Pearl. We’ll have to see how things work out for these youngins. Nothing seems to be so straightforward as when we were courting.”

robin surprises annie.jpgAnnabelle gazed into Robin’s eyes searching for his response. Robin pushed his chair back and stood up from their table, inviting Annabelle to join him.

“We haven’t even started yet Annabelle.” he smiled and kissed her forehead tenderly. Annabelle had just told Robin that she could not remember ever being so happy. And she meant it. The whole cavity within her chest was full of the sweet nectar of happiness and love. Lurking below that happiness was the uncertainty that she kept on trying to suppress. Everything seemed so charming, but Annabelle was so use to facing disappointments, there was a taunting threat of some unexpected event heading towards them to tear that happiness away.

sunset2“Come on Beautiful, I have a surprise for you.” Robin took Annabelle’s hand and led her from the restaurant’s terrace, where they had been gazing at the blushing sunset sky. There were some worn stone steps leading down from the top of the cliff towards the secluded bay below. Robin helped Annabelle whenever the steps looked crumbly. “Careful Belle, there is no rush.”

The stone steps gave way to soft white sand. She slipped off the sandals they had picked up in the local market, and let her feet sink into the cool sand. Robin ran ahead along the beach. Annabelle watched him running.

So often he reminded her of a young boy with his energy for life. But she thought to herself that he had what a youngster lacks. He had refinement and charm. He cared so much. He was kind and thoughtful – perhaps overly so since he had read all of that material about Borderline Personality Disorder. Although she tried not to compare Robin to Dean, she could not help but feel more secure with Robin. The memories of the pain she had felt when he confessed what he had done while living in London without her were fading. None of it seemed to matter, except for giving Robin more reason to appreciate her loyalty.

on beach.jpgAnnabelle walked towards the water’s edge and gently kicked the little waves that were rolling in. She did not want Robin to see the tears that had welled up into her eyes. The kind of tears that being deeply happy, and not wanting a perfect day to ever end, provokes within you. She hated that their honeymoon was nearly over. The next morning they would have to head to the airport. But Annabelle didn’t want Robin to see her unhappy. She wanted to make sure that he enjoyed every moment he was with her. He would not want to see her crying, especially not after the wonderful day they had spent together.

“Annabelle, over here!” she could see Robin waving his arm, so she ran towards him. As Annabelle drew close, he held out his arms and then lifted her up, as if she was as light as a feather and turned with her holding onto his shoulders.

project“Well, is this what you had in mind?” Robin asked while he pointed with his arms towards an old sail boat that was resting on the sand.

“It’s so charming Robin. She needs a bit of love, but she is a delight. I wonder who she belongs to.”

“Well, she belongs to Big Sam who owns the Flying Fish Cafe. But he wants to sell her. I made an offer to him when I was picking up the wine last night.”

“You want to buy a boat!” Annabelle cried in astonishment, “But we are leaving tomorrow?”

“Why not stay?. She can be ours now Annabelle. We can start living the dream. We don’t have to leave Greece yet. We can spend as long as you want here and then start sailing to other places – just like the dream”

“The dream?”

sailing into sunset“Yes, the dream, your dreams. You wanted to build a boat with the man of your dreams and then sail around the world with him? Well…I didn’t think we had time to build a boat from scratch, but I am sure we have the time to give this beauty a lick of paint…and then, we can set sail for our trip around the world.”

Annabelle laughed at Robin. “I wish we could.” She felt a tear well up into her eye and immediately escape down her left cheek.

“That’s why I thought we could buy the boat Annabelle. To make your wish come true, to make your dream come true. I love you Annabelle. I love your dreams. I would love to be the man you sailed around the world with.”

Annabelle turned away in tears. She couldn’t control herself, “Please stop.”

“What’s the matter Belle? Don’t you want to?”

couple on beach“It’s too much Robin. You are trying to make our life a dream and it’s not going to be. I can’t hear these words Robin. I can’t hear them. They are not real. It is a beautiful song. I love that Dean wrote down the words and made it into a song. They are a long lost dream. A dream that no longer matters.”

Robin grabbed her hands and squeezed them, “Come with me Belle. Sail away with me. We can travel for as long as you want. Eventually we will be tied to the estate at Inkpen. But before then you and I can do whatever you want to do. I want to be the man of your dreams and I want to share your dreams, your beautiful dreams, forever.”

“Robin, I don’t think you understand,” sighed Annabelle.


You can read the next part of Annabelle’s story here:


Kim, the creator of Writer Side of Life has given us some great writing prompts. Several of them appealed to me, but I have only chosen one to work on for now, because I am still playing catch up with blogging, after my trip to Australia:

Free Creative Writing Prompts

I chose a prompt under the ROMANCE section: 3. Who is she waiting for?

kim's prompt
Photo by Thiago Matos from Pexels 

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