Getting Better At Getting Better

drinksI have been through two whole jars of honey in a week, besides a lot of lemons. Being poorly sick has totally changed my tastes. I have been breathing in eucalyptus on tissues,  my scarf, and my pillow cases. I have had Olbas Oil baths and been rubbing Vicks Vaporub all over me. Which Jack should be here for.

I just feel as if the inside of my chest is coated in so much yuck…and no matter how much coughing I have done, it is still there, and still making me feel exhausted.

The strange emotional tiredness is lingering too. I walked past a tube station where I remember meeting Goldfinch on one of his visits to London. As I was walking past the entrance, the memory was so vivid that I could see him walking towards me. I wanted him so much! I had to bury my face into my scarf while my tears took over.


drinsk.pngI was looking for something slightly different to drink, but still with a cleansing flavour – if you know what I mean. I picked up some ginger and lemongrass cordial and have been sipping it mixed with steaming hot water.

It’s a welcome change. And to be honest, I feel I need to cut down on my honey intake.

At least there were no builders playing music into my bedroom window at seven o’clock this morning. Realizing I was not going to be very good company I cancelled going to the cinema with a friend tonight.

But I am going to have another Olbas Oil bath, smother myself with Vicks Vaporub, put on my snuggly pyjamas, watch Masterchef…and then snuggle up in bed. I am doing everything I can…hopefully this lurgy will clear up before my weekend with Jack.

Plenty of fluids and sleep – lots of sleep – I need to get better at getting better.

7 thoughts on “Getting Better At Getting Better”

    1. When I was really ill, honey and lemon was all I wanted – I totally lost my appetite. But I think I needed a change. The ginger and lemongrass has been a nice change.
      I am getting better. Today is the first day I don’t feel germy. I am still sniffling and coughing, but I am sure that will clear up soon.


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