What are the chances!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been a bit anxious about something. But I am trying to keep a sense of humour and not let it become a big deal in my mind.

desperate“Jack” has been driving me up to nearby Wales roughly once every three weeks. I am hugely grateful to him. We are waiting until Christmas to break the news to our families. So each time, he has taken me to majority of the way, spent some time with me up north, then dropped me off at a railway station so I can continue the journey to see my family.

Well, last time we made the journey…just past Birmingham (which is roughly in the middle of England or those of you who don’t know these fair shores), I was desperate to go to the ladies. So he pulled over at the next motorway service station. Out of the car I jumped and ran ahead of him into the service station, not wanting to delay for a moment to save myself from a yellow puddle situation.

SAMSUNGSo in I rushed. I was so glad that there was no queue. I really could not have waited a moment longer! I only just made it! At last I could let the two litres or so of water I had drunk since the last time I went to the loos at work…phew! Then I spent a few minutes combing my hair, and putting on some more make-up, including some bright red lipstick (Jack likes it) and sprayed myself with perfume….and lastly I popped a mint into my mouth.

ladiesI took my time. I wasn’t really worried about Jack. He is a man. I wasn’t sure if he was going to stay in the car, or walk into the service station to use the gents or buy a drink. Why should I be worried? Huh! Famous last words!

I came out of the ladies and looked around for “Jack”. I couldn’t see him. I headed out to the car-park to the car. There was the car. No Jack. So I double-backed and walked back into the service station. I wasn’t worried at this point, I knew I could text or call him if I still couldn’t find him. Then I heard a laugh that I recognized, his booming guffaw. I turned to where the laugh came from and I could not believe my eyes.

There was Jack, chatting with a group of people, mainly men, there were a couple of women there too. I could see smiles and laughter. But my eyes immediately focused on someone right at the front of the group. The young man who had his hand on Jack’s shoulder, was the younger brother of my brother-in-law! Ay karumba!!!

dpHe is hilarious. I mean my brother-in-law’s younger brother. He is like the jester wherever he goes. I should write about him really. We are always in stitches at the trouble he gets himself into (think Mr Bean/Basil Fawlty/Frank Spencer combination kind of a character). I have included a song that he loves. He loves it! I have danced with him at a couple of weddings. He is Mr Bean trying to be John Travolta – it is comedy genius. And this is his go-to song!

Anyway…I had to escape before he spotted me and I called Jack just to tip him off that he was talking to someone I was related to, so whenever he was ready, to discreetly make his way back out to the car where I would be waiting. What are the chances!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 thoughts on “What are the chances!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. My family will come round I am sure. But after what happened, they don’t have the fondest feelings towards him at the moment.

      Thanks for the vegan pie/pastie tip! There is no Tesco anywhere near here…but there is a huge one near where Jack lives. So come January, I reckon we will be popping in together and I will look out for it.

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      1. I must admit I wouldn’t normally look twice at Ginsters, but I heard about it and was out early today so needed a quick lunch. I think the £1 was a special offer.

        I’m sure your family will be guided by you. They really will just want to see you happy, I’ll bet. They’ll come round when they see how happy you are.


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