When Saying THANK YOU Is Just Not Enough To Express How You Feel

I was taught by my parents from a tender age to say “THANK YOU” on all occasions! Those three essential words, “PLEASE”, “THANK YOU” and “SORRY” make such a difference as you go around your day to day life.


But I will admit there is one man I never had the chance to thank properly. I owe him a lot, more than many other people really. It is highly possible he saved me life.

Thank you to Gary! Gary who found me that morning, covered in blood. Gary who called an ambulance. I am so tired, I don’t think I have the energy to relive that event right now. I have often wondered about Gary. I remember sending an emotional THANK YOU card to the council, asking them to make sure Gary received it, but I never heard anything back. I still have not felt I could face Gary yet. The thought of how he must have felt when he saw my body – it’s an absolute nightmare to me. I have wanted to forget everything that happened that night and that intense time in the hospital when I was questioned “aggressively” by police and hospital staff.


I am not well at the moment – I am full of a cold and I am shattered. I got up and showered and dressed for Jack. He arrived and sent me straight back to bed, from where I have been answering emails and looking at posts on my WordPress Reader. I have been playing him the songs other bloggers featured in SONG-LYRIC-SUNDAY. He has been making me drinks and he grilled me a bagel for my breakfast.

He is sitting on a fancy chair I have in my bedroom, near to the window, so he is breathing in fresh air, rather than my germs. But this day is going to be no fun to him, and he is at risk of catching my lurgy while he hangs around. So I am hoping he will go soon. (I love him, I just don’t want him to be ill, neither do I enjoy him seeing me look so rough!)


I am so glad Gary found me that morning. It really may be that he saved my life. Although the past four and a half years have been challenging at times, there has also been so much wonderful. Although today, I feel so ill and yucky…there is this adorable man who wants to go and buy some soup from Bayley and Sage (posh organic supermarket) and heat it for my lunch. But I don’t feel like soup. The only thing I am enjoying at the moment is hot honey and lemon.

I am so thankful to be alive. So thankful that Jack is here, even though I want him to go soon. So thankful to Gary who was diligently doing his rounds and noticed something that looked strange and came over to check it out. I am glad Gary found me – and very likely saved my life. I am sorry Gary – I don’t want to relive that awful day right now. Maybe Jack might be able to help me find you and thank you properly one day.


This is my response to the writing prompt from Sarah Elizabeth Moore


16 thoughts on “When Saying THANK YOU Is Just Not Enough To Express How You Feel”

    1. Thank you Francis, that is very sweet of you.
      When someone has possibly saved your life, it’s not something you can forget.
      I just found it all very overwhelming at the time. It would be nice to meet Gary. I am not quite ready for it yet, not on my own anyway. But I am feeling so much settled in myself after everything that happened. I would like him to know how grateful I am.


    1. I can’t think about it right now, but my time in hospital was horrible mainly because I was so desperate to rest, yet all these people kept on coming back to ask more questions. It was horrible horrible. I answered everything as clearly as I could. But sometimes I was just overwhelmed and begged them to leave me alone. But they would come back later. I was so relieved to get away from hospital and be with my family.

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        1. There was one lady who made me really feel as if I could not take anymore. She revealed to me (which she should not have) that she lived very near to me, and that she was furious about the challenges with what she, and a lot of the people who came to question me in hospital, termed “bullying” and “trolling”.

          I was horrified to think that what I had said confidentiality to professionals was being passed on within their team. This lady I had no previous conversation with before she came along and introduced herself and started declaring her opinions of the situation I had been in. It made it too personal. I was devastated, and broke down. My sister had to ask her to leave. That was the final biscuit so to speak…I could not take any more. We were able to escape the next day, but only after my consultant reviews the scans they did.

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          1. yes something happened to me in hospital which was a total loss of dignity. I can pretty much guarantee that I will not discuss it with anyone, but that one event tainted my overall experience. When we strip all the fluff away, dignity is all we have. In fact it was probably not the event itself, but that they didn’t realise how significant it was.


  1. This is so incredibly powerful. I agree sometimes thank you doesn’t feel adequate enough, but I think you expressed yourself perfectly. Sending you healing vibes. I hope you feel better soon. ❤

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    1. Thank you ❤
      Him finding me…it's not something I could ever repay. THANK YOU really does not seem enough.
      Meanwhile I am wheezing when I breathe! This cold has turned into something really yucky!


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