I Was Not Expecting Sprouts


When I am in a hurry, it is easy to forget to pack everything into my backpack for work. I work in so many different areas and on different projects, so there are always different items I need to take.

I forgot my lunch the other day. But I remembered everything else I needed for the day which was great. I had made some pasta salad for lunch and then left it in the fridge in my hurry to get out of the house.

So I had to buy myself some lunch. Only the area where I was working has a choice of posh cafes and artisan bakeries. I realized that I was going to have to spend more than I wanted on my lunch 😦  Oh well, once in a blue moon is alright.

I opted for PAUL, simply because there was no queue. I didn’t have long before I needed to be at work. I looked at the vegetarian choices hoping there was one without dairy (that normally means I buy vegan). I saw a vegan baguette and asked for that one.

Three hours later I actually was able to sit down and eat my lunch. Well…what I surprise I had. It turned out the main feature of the baguette I had bought was Brussel sprouts. Ah-hah! Sprouts – along with carrots, pickled red cabbage, chestnuts – apparently there were also hummus, spinach and two kinds of preserves, a chutney and a jam, all packed into a delicious bread. I tasted the cranberries in the bread, but when I checked the website, it turns out that sage and onion were in there too.



Who would have thought that Brussel sprouts in a baguette could be so delicious. It was a scrumptious vegan roast dinner in perfect bread. Flavours to drool over. Aaaaah sigh! I was so glad to have forgotten my pasta salad afterall.

Best sandwich I have had all year in fact!

5 thoughts on “I Was Not Expecting Sprouts

      1. I found when I was veggie back in the 80s that my diet was very poor, in fact one of the reasons I started back on fish was to improve my overall health. Really, pizza & chips. It has been a lot easier this time around although I cook a lot more now, plus I am not strictly veggie, I still eat meat maybe one evening per week, and don’t object to fish no matter how often.


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